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Journalist & Author, Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm http://t.co/uIcdPs0gp5 Views my own


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@lkherman Lily Herman @lkherman

Aly Raisman's statement is must-watch. She's not just talking to Nassar—she's calling out USA Gymnastics, the US Ol… https://t.co/3EDXCNqivW

@MsJulieLenarz Julie Lenarz @MsJulieLenarz

Better make sure Turkey doesn't crush Kurdish forces in northern Syria, our most effective weapon against ISIS. The… https://t.co/hy1MbM8oL6

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

My Facebook memory from four years ago: https://t.co/Je4Zo33R9a

My Facebook memory from four years ago:...

@NYTSports NYT Sports @NYTSports

“If there are 232 Russian athletes in Pyeongchang — the same number that was in Sochi — then the I.O.C. will have p… https://t.co/zjNLGFKdii

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@mhmck Yes, absolutely! #PutinInvadedUkraine. The artists are coming to NYC so that's what I was focused on/distrac… https://t.co/YuNya9sIt6

@brianefallon Brian Fallon @brianefallon

Recap of how we got here: 1 Trump rescinds DACA, demands Congress act within 6 months 2 Senate forms bipartisan tal… https://t.co/aEBFnsPPBb

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

ICYMI: Ukraine artist creates Putin portrait with 5,000 bullet shells from separatist east https://t.co/K68Ao6ocsr

@proximityquill Yeoman Quill @proximityquill

Sweden is creating a state-run organization to mitigate Russian meddling in its election. Other western governments… https://t.co/WoWg4DM2bk

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Of course @Nigel_Farage has a seat at the table of #RussiaGate. He said Putin is the world leader he admires most:… https://t.co/4IkznQWGL2

@tomcolicchio Tom Colicchio @tomcolicchio

If you are confused about the binary choice of Male/ Female @cmclymer will help you understand. Thanks for sharing… https://t.co/385mZCqngo


Want experience as a foreign correspondent? The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program is seeking talented U.S., Canadi… https://t.co/7xpT98JOEe

@NatashaBertrand Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand

And a striking quote from GOP Rep. Tom Rooney: "If we knew that Donald Trump was working with the Russian mafia to… https://t.co/cWTW9KQyHD

@Kasparov63 Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63

Latest painful but true Russian joke, “Every country has its own mafia. Putin’s Russia is the first where the mafia has its own country.”

@anildash Anil Dash @anildash

Every actual journalist at the NYT should be furious. Your management wants to undermine your work in order to comf… https://t.co/t01UeXlvsu

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Russian Athletes Disappear From Competition After Doping Agency Arrives: https://t.co/ocDnlauNpc

@ChazBono Chaz Bono @ChazBono

Robert Eads 1945-1999, a transgender man, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, was turned down for treatment by a dozen d… https://t.co/rkmofV09aC

@NatashaBertrand Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand

More: Simpson said Fusion had been "intrigued" by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolvlev's travel in August 2016, and… https://t.co/ngPC8Q4xWg

@EricBoehlert Eric Boehlert @EricBoehlert

this is where we are https://t.co/046cFRCvUa

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@NancyBannon For anyone who says "it's a choice" needs to read stories like this in Iran, where people risk their l… https://t.co/LV2c42VO9L

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

.@MargaretAtwood: "Why Animal Farm changed my life" https://t.co/wx7vtBlqAy

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@cmclymer Thank YOU! Inspired! 💖

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

A friend visited Iran for a film project, toured parts of the country, and met a little girl in a village who dress… https://t.co/YG2m5Vnygn

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Beautiful, @cmclymer! https://t.co/USThdEryMB

@BuzzFeedBen Ben Smith @BuzzFeedBen

The Russian government is demanding a crackdown on leaks in the wake of our report — and preposterously accusing… https://t.co/7wSpkgqUhD

@RobinBrenizer Puppymnkey @RobinBrenizer

Sebastian Gorka has an arrest warrant in his home country of Hungary. For gun charges. He’s only been a US Citizen… https://t.co/pbaoq66jKv

@sarahkendzior Sarah Kendzior @sarahkendzior

New interview with me about voter suppression -- the most important issue for the 2018 midterms. I also talk about… https://t.co/pYLFN5ERsq

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Dogs have been known to help with depression. In times like these, the shelters should be empty.… https://t.co/TLZIoKIJ3k

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

A favorite at the kill shelter, Bellissimo is a big bundle of love who doesn't understand how he ended up there. He… https://t.co/YAgAymfEtx

@XSovietNews X Soviet @XSovietNews

Alexander Byvshev is on trial in Russia for a second time for his poems about Ukraine and this time could go to pri… https://t.co/ffpyfeHxUs

@davidfrum David Frum @davidfrum

The Russia-NRA connection is one of the most fascinating dangling threads from 2016. Keep tugging.

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