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@ErikWemple ErikWemple @ErikWemple

After James Comey says that key part of pre-election NYT Russia-Trump story was 'wrong," Executive Editor Dean Baqu… https://t.co/E17QCaBF11

@AP The Associated Press @AP

BREAKING: Democratic Party sues Russia, Trump campaign and Wikileaks, claiming conspiracy to help Trump win 2016 election.

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

"Says who?" https://t.co/INUctBtS81

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@mattizcoop @AlexMLeo @jamesdl2 @chescaleigh @MollyJongFast I love this. Here are mine: Casablanca, Network, Godfat… https://t.co/PsuBY613m1

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Not suspicious at all. https://t.co/9LyzLdlzTW https://t.co/1zlIAhC1Fi

Not suspicious at all. https://t.co/9Lyz...

@Billbrowder Bill Browder @Billbrowder

This is one of the most disturbing stories I've ever read. 'Russian Elon Musk' raped and tortured to death in custo… https://t.co/OYKTb1Qdrt

@NatashaBertrand Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand

Russian reporter who died after falling from his fifth-floor balcony had been investigating allegations about Derip… https://t.co/uNYXmtixKA

@sarahkendzior Sarah Kendzior @sarahkendzior

My book "The View From Flyover Country" comes out tomorrow! Buy it here and check out April/May tour dates below:… https://t.co/rpp7FahrxS

@mikercarpenter Michael Carpenter @mikercarpenter

Another journalist in Russia murdered. Maksim Borodin of RIA Novy Den "fell" from the fifth floor. He had been inve… https://t.co/9K6UPHJIHv

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@michaeldweiss You're supposed to wait for me to come back to NYC in June! You're not leaving until after I'm back. We discussed this.

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@BarbaraB9999 Sorry to hear that...It's for the best. Cigs are bad!

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Late night in Warsaw with Claudia Smieja, the Gertrude Stein of European arthouse cinema. She's worked with Agniesz… https://t.co/TmrNZ6C4sQ

@AynRandPaulRyan Holly Figueroa O'Reilly 🌊 BWCS @AynRandPaulRyan

Trump just floated the possibility of firing Robert Mueller. 🔥 If Trump moves to fire Mueller, there are hundreds… https://t.co/TEKnljYrnA

@MichelleDuster Mldwrites @MichelleDuster

My great-grandmother #Idabwells endured death threats and everything she owned was destroyed by a mob because she d… https://t.co/YaMDwpGrHr

@jehorowitz Jordan Horowitz @jehorowitz

Absolutely chilling must-read piece on the current status of Hungary and Poland as they progress deeper into illibe… https://t.co/PODYlo1fPa

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@SugarBum1111 @ManInTheHoody Thank you!! I'm extremely proud of my sister and the work she has done, and sacrifices… https://t.co/CnHbm88E2d

@sarahkendzior Sarah Kendzior @sarahkendzior

From my book "The View From Flyover Country". Out April 17, available for preorder now: https://t.co/C0sW8toox5 https://t.co/gCeyWLLHzb

From my book 'The View From Flyover Coun...

@latimesent LAT Entertainment @latimesent

Sarah Kendzior on “Trump: The First Year” and more panels on politics at the LA Times Festival of Books… https://t.co/WJ22hKhW8F

@ByRosenberg Mike Rosenberg @ByRosenberg

The Denver Post took this group photo to celebrate winning the Pulitzer 5 years ago. Then hedge fund Alden Global C… https://t.co/sqphRs7quz

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

How Russia pioneered “fake news” https://t.co/Xlb4ZiEWvJ

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@belikethecoolk1 Ah. The power of @ManInTheHoody: https://t.co/NWKXsHac0t

@belikethecoolk1 Ah. The power of @ManIn...

@leonidragozin Leonid Ragozin @leonidragozin

NRA’s best friend in Russia and regular National Prayer Breakfast guest, Aleksandr Torshin, also features on the sanctions list.

@christinawilkie Christina Wilkie @christinawilkie

BREAKING: U.S. imposes sanctions on 7 Russian oligarchs and 12 companies, including former Paul Manafort client Ole… https://t.co/6SkesKrdbx

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@HarjothSingh Funny you should mention that today: I'm standing in front of switchboards right now. My earlier twee… https://t.co/6Xtko0NGX9

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@demeralda Right. They've claimed worse!

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

I'm traveling abroad with less time for Twitter, and yet I suddenly got 2K+ more new followers. This didn't even ha… https://t.co/N8jHqbIK3J

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@joshuamanning23 Beautful!

@NatashaBertrand Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand

Paul Manafort authorized a secret media operation on behalf of Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych that fe… https://t.co/0bAoVIx5AZ

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@ManInTheHoody @carolyncairo @juliaioffe @NatashaBertrand @olgaNYC1211 @sarahkendzior @RVAwonk Sarah, you have a gi… https://t.co/SF79D7Xggk

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