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Journalist & Author, Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm http://t.co/uIcdPs0gp5 Views my own


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@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@doublebelle @Billbrowder @jaynordlinger Yes, me too! You're an inspiration, Bill.

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Extremely troubling. Why did the @StateDept revoke the visa of a prominent Putin critic who just fought for and won… https://t.co/UBTiU42mvY

@RobinBrenizer Robin Brenizer @RobinBrenizer

Andrea Chalupa interviews Pussy Riot. Incredible. If you don't 'have time for the whole thing, start at 29 min. How… https://t.co/y3RvTHbyBI

@PENamerican PEN America @PENamerican

Another round of thanks to @AndreaChalupa, @BelFreeTheatre, and @MariaAlyokhina for such a lively discussion. https://t.co/rSdV616Z51

@Billbrowder Bill Browder @Billbrowder

Putin adds me to Interpol wanted list in retaliation for passage of Canadian Magnitsky Act. 5th time he’s done this https://t.co/2yfvwn9kFK

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@XSovietNews Thank you! Emailed it to a friend in London who is interested in following the election

@LaMaMaETC La MaMa E.T.C. @LaMaMaETC

Watch Natalia Kaliada & Maria Alyokhina discuss art in post-#Soviet states with Andrea Chalupa at @PENamerican:… https://t.co/T79NQThs82

@pussyrrriot Pussy Riot @pussyrrriot

Today in NY @PENamerican @BFreeTheatre , @all_mary and @AndreaChalupa talking about art incarcerated https://t.co/YFFZpppDlz

Today in NY @PENamerican @BFreeTheatre ,...

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

'Run for Something' backs dozens of progressive candidates https://t.co/CdsqReOn0i

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@keligoff Thank you, Keli! Miss you!!! x

@keligoff Keli Goff @keligoff

Wish I was in NYC to make this important discussion! Break a leg @AndreaChalupa https://t.co/psWBElF6Ud

@sarahkendzior Sarah Kendzior @sarahkendzior

In a rough week, some ❤ for my fave women @leahmcelrath @KillerMartinis @Blackamazon @AngryBlackLady @AndreaChalupa @Shakestweetz ❤✊❤

@FarmSanctuary Farm Sanctuary @FarmSanctuary

@AndreaChalupa Thank you for reaching out! We’re aware and have people on the ground, and we understand that the bu… https://t.co/U48OH4R3bI

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@ksush73 Mine too!

@swholdren Sara Holdren @swholdren

Belarus Free Theatre is burning down the house. https://t.co/X2jYjSoCPE

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Go see the @BFreeTheatre production of Burning Doors at @LaMaMaETC in NYC, starring Masha of @pussyrrriot. It tells… https://t.co/JuYIY9keo7

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Bulgakov wrote The Master & Margarita secretly during Stalin’s purges, burned it, wrote it again, lost his mind & d… https://t.co/rn5mGqIgjf

@goldengateblond shauna @goldengateblond

@AndreaChalupa I haven’t eaten mammals since high school. You won’t regret it. 💕

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

.@FarmSanctuary Can you adopt the baby cow that escaped the slaughterhouse and ran for safety to Prospect Park? https://t.co/E4SdR5I7uG

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

@Mikel_Jollett 🐮 :(

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

In honor of this baby cow that escaped the slaughterhouse, I'm going vegetarian, which is hard living with a French… https://t.co/2seJ0q4Mk7

@andreachalupa Andrea Chalupa @andreachalupa

Jared Kushner’s Family Is Screwed, and It’s All Boy Wonder’s Fault https://t.co/xyPb8ubf7r

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

Well, the #Russians have chosen their candidate in Alabama: Roy Moore. @AndreaChalupa

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

These #Russian bot accts have really horrible Google translations to English. "I await birth of baby," for example. @AndreaChalupa

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

Roy Moore is so absolutely terrifying. He's like the love child of Bannon & Gorka. @AndreaChalupa

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

Gorka said at convention that Dems have no idea how we can destroy them privately. That's a Brownshirt Threat. @AndreaChalupa

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

It would be very scary for Roy Moore to win in Alabama. Like a mini-Trump in Senate. @AndreaChalupa

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

The Trumps had to cheat to win. There's no other explanation. @AndreaChalupa

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

Just after Putin hosted Olympics, he invaded Crimea & called it a referendum. Denies that little green men were his soldiers. @AndreaChalupa

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