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@amralear Amra @amralear

A cleansing gel for your vaginal area. Great for after a workout, hot yoga, or a long day wearing nylons. 🌸 Intimat… https://t.co/StAlpWPoJJ

@amralear Amra @amralear

Stem Cells in Products. Where do they come from? What benefits do they have on your skin? #StemCells #Skincare… https://t.co/0aEqz8sOFn

@visitmissoula Destination Missoula @visitmissoula

In winter, our city gets covered with a blanket of white. Here's to skiing, snowshoeing, warm nights sharing pints… https://t.co/MEvFvpLGcd

@amralear Amra @amralear

Mustard may be the new Creatine. Research has shown it helps to increase your muscle mass, increasing weight. //ww… https://t.co/nj9Axe9zCB

@amralear Amra @amralear

Eye cream is one of the best gifts you can give someone this Christmas. #Skincare #StockingStuffers https://t.co/WCEPg6BO9w

@ukaesthetic Gary Ross @ukaesthetic

"Thighlighting" is accomplished through either a thigh lift, liposuction, contouring of the inner thighs or contour… https://t.co/20Y8KQ2Eb5

@amralear Amra @amralear

Highlighting a professional Aesthetician this Sunday who has become the Lash Artist Extraordinaire.… https://t.co/lQbybqkq2o

@amralear Amra @amralear

This Christmas season, remember that the most invaluable gift you can ever give someone is your time and undivided attention.

@amralear Amra @amralear

Has the winter got you dreaming about being on a tropical island. Bring the tropics to you in products. Exotic Esca… https://t.co/PUa1RgfpHI

@amralear Amra @amralear

Choose the right massage oil or massage cream to stuff in those Christmas stockings. https://t.co/p0r8SG4udz

@amralear Amra @amralear

When the cooler weather comes, so does drier skin. This easy at home formula will help your child’s dry patches. Ho… https://t.co/SwHdoorKY5

@amralear Amra @amralear

Use @institutNOOR raw honey SKIN CORRECTING night balm as a primer for special events, holiday parties, or a night… https://t.co/G9hLFqkgqO

@amralear Amra @amralear

Want that "dewy" look for your Christmas party? Use raw honey SKIN CORRECTING NIGHT balm by @institutNOOR… https://t.co/0eKcVzluG7

@JamesKyson James Kyson @JamesKyson

Hey everyone, please send prayers and energy to LA/Ojai/Ventura/Southern Cal as a LOT of people are being affected… https://t.co/8fpmoDSUC8

@amralear Amra @amralear

What is Cellulite? https://t.co/RiPdmVPp9q

@ukaesthetic Gary Ross @ukaesthetic

"Spike in botched #cosmeticsurgery claims amid fears that 'plumbers and air stewards' are performing #Botox." We ne… https://t.co/AH6Zui2HNM

@noveliciouss Novelicious @noveliciouss

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them Mark Twain #reading #writing https://t.co/WAR6rL2gqY

The man who does not read good books has...

@amralear Amra @amralear

Make sure you have Soft Lips this season. 👄 You never know when you’ll be standing under a mistletoe.🎅 #SkincareTip https://t.co/5BBPHiE1mE

@kr_romm Keely_LKP 🇺🇸❤️🇮🇱 @kr_romm

@AmraLear @dodo Positive human touch, yes.

@AmraLear Amra @AmraLear

@dodo @kr_romm Touch. Human touch is so very important. So many neglected and mistreated humans and animals that de… https://t.co/0ITfcSK6uo

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

This puppy couldn't stop crying out in pain when anyone came near him because he'd never felt a gentle touch. But t… https://t.co/LNFZDrNFAm

@LoriShemek Lori Shemek, PhD @LoriShemek

Weight Loss Tip: Research shows simply drinking 2 glasses of water 30 min.before every meal helps to boost weight… https://t.co/fjDFJWAfQc

@amralear Amra @amralear

Algo Mist. A great hydrating facial mist. #SkincareTip Use after makeup application for that “dewy look”. https://t.co/afWFVSVG0L

@amralear Amra @amralear

After gym workout, rolling out my IT bands with the monster roller. 😫#HurtsNowFeelsGoodLater https://t.co/J70sAmwcRN

After gym workout, rolling out my IT ban...

@amralear Amra @amralear

Aha! Makes perfect sense. #StraightHairLadyProblems https://t.co/aJwNNOZkMf

@amralear Amra @amralear

Honey Heel Glaze a good stocking stuffer for Christmas to help soften the feet. 👣🎄https://t.co/HAf2dHPlDG

@kidandkinblog Kid + Kin @kidandkinblog

Spread some extra kindness this month! FREE printable kindness calendar for December https://t.co/gDtAbVoIsJ via… https://t.co/TmtUxNu1TQ

@goldendoor Golden Door @goldendoor

Holiday cheer is here at Golden Door! Happy first day of December ❤️ @ Golden Door https://t.co/eViVSak4ad

@amralear Amra @amralear

This was one of my favorite styles of wearing braids. #FBF #Braids https://t.co/3Vk3kRxyoz

This was one of my favorite styles of we...

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