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Life is a mess and a miracle. So pick up a broom and dance. ♥

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AMBER ALERT: 2-year-old Nain Dominguez last seen in El Paso County. A white panel van with no rear windows may be i… https://t.co/P1mXNIwVej

@Breaking911 Breaking911 @Breaking911

AMBER ALERT: 10-month old victim was a passenger in a stolen vehicle in Memphis, Tenn. tonight The suspect is an A… https://t.co/tmE6TzbF0g

@_AuroraRain_ a u r o r a r a i n. @_AuroraRain_

Awww #NamJiHyun chose #ChoiTaeJoon for the next actor to do the Happy Bean Relay Challenge. Their SP friendship g… https://t.co/RlgwkRwszV

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

@potatingcheese omg that's so cute. The subs didn't work well so thanks for the info. 😂😂

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

That she's raising a turtle right now is the cutest thing ever.❤️❤️❤️❤️ #NamJiHyun https://t.co/OqtTQoCXvx

That she's raising a turtle right now is...

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

@MlleKatMichele Omg he makes me rage sm but he just got eliminated so I'm all. https://t.co/YSussS8f2M

@MlleKatMichele Omg he makes me rage sm...

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

3.8M won will be donated. Awesome! Proud of this fandom. ❤️ #NamJiHyun https://t.co/NZs7Q1WVwr

3.8M won will be donated. Awesome! Proud...

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

SP fam stays friendship goals. #NamJiHyun #ChoiTaeJoon https://t.co/SzdTNHgY8x

SP fam stays friendship goals. #NamJiHyu...

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

lmaooo I knew it!

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

I'm in love. #NamJiHyun https://t.co/MwGcyAjxcw

I'm in love. #NamJiHyun https://t.co/MwG...

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

JH is such a sunshine. I'm listening to her talk with subs that don't work most of the time and I don't care. 😂😂She… https://t.co/cUmuNMIETT

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

Update: we hate Daniel again. https://t.co/u2PJEK0A2X

Update: we hate Daniel again. https://t....

@KING5Seattle KING 5 News @KING5Seattle

PLEASE SHARE: Bothell Police are looking for a 1-year-old. Father considered armed and dangerous.… https://t.co/EyS9RGuuYO

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

@potatingcheese A reaction pic was born. 😂😂😂😂

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

@Geniiiiiiie_ yeah I tried. 😭😭😂😂

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

Yo since when does IG directly show if the ppl you follow, follow someone? Yikes this gonna cause some trouble. 😂😂

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

JH updated! 😍😍😍😍#NamJiHyun https://t.co/tMOlrzpkF2

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

@ByKatia The plot is a mess and made me rage-y tbh. 😂😂😂😂

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

@ByKatia It's trash. But if you're really bored, go for it.

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

That's really sweet. ❤️ #JiChangWook #NamJiHyun https://t.co/xuloxpnV8u

@amic_8197 Ami @amic_8197

Just great. https://t.co/rFsBlEzqOI

@chrislhayes Chris Hayes @chrislhayes

Agree about releasing the torture report 1000%. It’s crazy it’s still secret. And it’s the only way for us as a soc… https://t.co/hBcS2GEiGR

@ericuman Eric Umansky @ericuman

A few things about Gina Haspel: - We were wrong: She didn't oversee torture of Abu Zubaydah. - She did oversee CI… https://t.co/IDURNyD3Rg

@PhilipRucker Philip Rucker @PhilipRucker

NEW —> Trump decides to remove McMaster as national security adviser, and others may follow. My latest with… https://t.co/D6OSiaYoHR

@NYTNational NYT National News @NYTNational

Russian hackers have infiltrated U.S. and European water and power plants, with the potential to sabotage them, the… https://t.co/eBoj3HmkCG

@filmpilots kirsty 🕊 @filmpilots

enthusiastically tweeting about things half your followers didn't follow you for https://t.co/7pmtOB3Xeu

enthusiastically tweeting about things h...

@dennisdiclaudio Dennis (2.3% Irish apparently) DiClaudio @dennisdiclaudio

The new GOP slogan is kinda weird. But hey, points for honesty. https://t.co/gIe0DnYxVD

The new GOP slogan is kinda weird. But h...

@dog_rates WeRateDogs™ @dog_rates

Here's a heartwarming scene of a single father raising his two pups. Downright awe-inspiring af. 12/10 for everyone https://t.co/hfddJ0OiNR

Here's a heartwarming scene of a single...

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