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⬇️The New Silent Majority of Brave Young Conservative Patriots Rise to Defend our Rights! #FakeNews will NOT Cover… https://t.co/fsc0BwiR9W

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Tell Em Lil Captain!! Love My Dude @thecjpearson #Salute https://t.co/9tSFVQKWkN

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Apparently #FakeNewsMedia didn't get the memo. There is no longer a pansy in the White House as ABC's Jonathan Kar… https://t.co/WC4IMu5gNa

@mikandynothem Michael Nöthem @mikandynothem

😎RETWEET😎 if are thankful for a First Lady with class after 8 years of...well, you know. @FLOTUS was the talk of F… https://t.co/BozSDFy7uN

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@AMErikaNGIRLBOT @Ernie_Sampera @realDonaldTrump @USANEWS007 @DineshDSouza THE NEXT VOTERS ARE AWAKENING TO THE TRU… https://t.co/G7nXrIqdRS

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Hungary Introduces 'Stop George Soros' Bill Effectively Forcing out the Billionaire’s Organization https://t.co/ezoA9WV9gn

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It's now official the Trump Election 'Scandal' is #ObamaGate now & for ever! the worst scandal in the history of Am… https://t.co/8IoSykTFHp

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Le chapeau va au musée - @FLOTUS and Mrs. Macron tour @NationalGallery https://t.co/pW4i1eufXu

Le chapeau va au musée - @FLOTUS and Mrs...


Being a Free Thinker Today - Angers The Leftist Media! Watch & Listen to some of Kanye’s Greatest Songs !⬇️… https://t.co/Gj8cQ4KNni


RT if you agree “ We are Living in Challenging Times!” This is a War on TRUTH FACTS AND ...TREASON by the Past Admi… https://t.co/uihCZtqpKH


“The Democrat Party Made Massive Mistake “ “How Stupid is the DNC ? “ -VERY .” RT if U agree with Mark Levin! ⬇️… https://t.co/HCRW9I0t1W

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🇺🇸I was going to tweet this as linked to the YouTube video but I noticed that the link to buy the puzzle didn’t wor… https://t.co/Kh1fk1aG8w

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Liberal Logic At It’s Best😂 Mad Max,Maxine Waters (Democrat) SAYS James Comey Has ‘NO’ Credibility BUT She Believe… https://t.co/hPFPpeYuxC

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Toronto is just another example of the senseless evil we have in our world. You could ban everything, but evil peo… https://t.co/zcb47QFfKR

@IsraelUSAforevr Israel & USA forever @IsraelUSAforevr

🎂🎉Congratulations🎂🎉 On the occasion of 80k followers I'm very recommended to follow her 🌺 @KatTheHammer1 🌺 https://t.co/k7SAkJUCZk

On the occasion of 8...

@IsraelUSAforevr Israel & USA forever @IsraelUSAforevr

RETWEET IF YOU AGREE! "Obama is the gift from HELL that keeps on giving." @RealJamesWoods https://t.co/61Q2GUeuEy

'Obama is the gif...

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🚨Working FOR the People @RepRooney seeks to Limit "Career Politicians" What an Idea 💡 https://t.co/XY4zE9e56l

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https://t.co/4dbrXOB2W3 @kanyewest @POTUS #MAGA 🍨🇺🇸🍨🇺🇸🍨🇺🇸

@JFNYC1 Joel Fischer @JFNYC1

Hey @Comey, Really?!?!? “Lots of people smash their cellphones” What people? The Gambinos and other criminals y… https://t.co/X9g3b54vJV

@BryonnyM Bryonny 💥Fight for the Constitution 💪 @BryonnyM

🚨Planned Parenthood files suit against Indiana law which requires TRANSPARENCY on Complications of Abortion, both P… https://t.co/oybLwzjFWf

@Farberyanki Yanki יענקי פרבר @Farberyanki

Holy spirit of moving the embassy to #Jerusalem . Mike Lavson, the political representative of the US Embassy, ​Vis… https://t.co/iJXezQ70YF

@Patriotic_Va Wendy #RevStrong @Patriotic_Va

🚨 PATRIOTS 🚨 Are you in the market for a new cooler this summer? Shop @pelicancoolers Made in the USA 🇺🇸 Suppor… https://t.co/9nncTGUFRW

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@Amy_Siskind This also happened in the United States of America with feces in the street, people being hurt, trashe… https://t.co/z2e31jbFCQ

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😉 https://t.co/H7bKM2iRm5

😉 https://t.co/H7bKM2iRm5

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Hillary Clinton sold Russia our uranium & deleted 33K emails as SOS, yet democrats are obstructing the nomination o… https://t.co/Lheos57Plv

@mike_Zollo Mike @mike_Zollo

What we are witnessing right now in America is the deep state trying to remove a duly elected President because he… https://t.co/HZrolAcLUr

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More Trump Winning! U.S. to Overtake Russia as Top Oil Producer in 2019, Energy Exporter by 2022… https://t.co/wbbLsjN7q2

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