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The official Equality Campaign in Australia. #VoteYes Authorised by A. Greenwich 6 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000 for The Equality Campaign.


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@amequality AU Marriage Equality @amequality

Happy #MarriageEquality anniversary to the UK! Now it’s time for equality in Northern Ireland #EndTheVeto 🌈 https://t.co/UdjZkjiMaI

@rightsagenda HumanRightsLawCentre @rightsagenda

Media release: NT passes #AdoptionEquality for same-sex couples #LGBTI #auspol https://t.co/rVyL282dhm

@amequality AU Marriage Equality @amequality

BREAKING: Brilliant equality news from the NT! https://t.co/repmJO0Us5

@amequality AU Marriage Equality @amequality

Today we celebrate all the incredible women who fight for equality and LGBTI rights — from early days, to 1978, to YES. #IWD18 #IWD

@JulieMcCrossin Julie McCrossin @JulieMcCrossin

The first same-sex couple to wed in Australia were only married for 48 days before death parted them 🏳️‍🌈… https://t.co/OLHx9D1iF4

@AlexGreenwich Alex Greenwich MP @AlexGreenwich

Congratulations to Queensland for removing forced trans divorce - it’s time for NSW to take action and deliver… https://t.co/zM7rJ8TBaw

@peterjblack Peter Black @peterjblack

Queensland is the first state or territory to introduce this change after marriage equality (SA and the ACT previou… https://t.co/mxmtAWIdt6

@LeeHRLC Lee Carnie @LeeHRLC

Congrats to @YvetteDAth & @QueenslandGov: 1st state post #MarriageEquality to table a bill ending forced trans divo… https://t.co/dbuiAjK1VQ

@AnnaHRLC Anna Brown @AnnaHRLC

#MarriageEquality to become a reality for #trans people in Qld but more reform needed to remove outdated & unfair b… https://t.co/7x01k7TUCd

@AnnaHRLC Anna Brown @AnnaHRLC

A small but significant change that will mean transgender people can be free to be who they are, while maintaining… https://t.co/T4wm5OES3a

@amequality AU Marriage Equality @amequality

An incredibly important win in Queensland today! 5 states and territories to go before all LGBTI couples have… https://t.co/mc1pddMd9C

@jackietrad Jackie Trad @jackietrad

The law says that anyone who has undergone gender reassignment surgery has to divorce their partner to have their g… https://t.co/aNfatZglbS

@peterjblack Peter Black @peterjblack

The end of forced trans* divorce in Queensland: “Palaszczuk Government Acts on Discrimination”… https://t.co/dhM5JZfLkQ

@LeeHRLC Lee Carnie @LeeHRLC

Queensland will table a bill next week to end forced trans divorce in the state 🏳️‍🌈 #MarriageEquality https://t.co/LqJXljR6c6 @AMEquality

@amequality AU Marriage Equality @amequality

Incredibly important news from the Queensland Government! Another step for #MarriageEquality in Australia and ensur… https://t.co/t82ZngUbRP

@amnestyOz Amnesty Australia 🕯 @amnestyOz

Congratulations @DeanSmithWA for winning the McKinnon Prize for Political Leadership - Amnesty admires and apprecia… https://t.co/oOAWSAyTVz

@SenatorWong Senator Penny Wong @SenatorWong

With my friend and fellow champion for equality. Happy @sydneymardigras @DeanSmithWA! #equality #mardigras18 https://t.co/7s8NWPGcoV

With my friend and fellow champion for e...

@PaddyBatchelor Patrick Batchelor @PaddyBatchelor

Just another proud son moment - an interview with Meredith Burgmann by @RainbowLaborNSW about the history of Mardi… https://t.co/X97l00dnZ8

@ShannanJDodson Shannan Dodson @ShannanJDodson

So privileged to have marched with my YES campaigners for the first @sydneymardigras with #MarriageEquality And o… https://t.co/IyE741YGbW

@LibbyODonovan Libby O'Donovan @LibbyODonovan

Celebrating @sydneymardigras and @AMEquality and all things #lgbtqi Thanks for capturing this moment @SBS on your l… https://t.co/H8fq79lX1I

@SenatorWong Senator Penny Wong @SenatorWong

Tonight, forty years after the 78ers marched down Kings Cross in protest at their treatment, we pay tribute at… https://t.co/XgPZrZfbSo

@neetagreen Nita Green 💪 @neetagreen

That’s a wrap for #mardigras2018 Thank you Sydney and thank you Australian for saying YES to equality! @AMEquality https://t.co/Z9qaAnG64W

That’s a wrap for #mardigras2018 Thank y...

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Great to join with @AMEquality and the fabulous @SenatorWong for #mardigras40 https://t.co/PqsZIuoq5j

Great to join with @AMEquality and the f...

@elwhyte88 Elmari Whyte @elwhyte88

While Sydney was celebrating #mardisgras40, I broke my thesis-induced caking hiatus for this very special wedding c… https://t.co/kQaURRiPBT

@SeanGeoghegan Sean Geoghegan @SeanGeoghegan

So much energy here for the success of #MarriageEquality at #MardiGras40 https://t.co/MWH4CN9cuU

So much energy here for the success of #...

@shirleene Shirleene Robinson @shirleene

Thanks to all who worked so hard for so long 4 #marriageequality & #LGBTIQ rights - we are a fairer & better countr… https://t.co/QgumHxof1v

@sarah4equality Sarah Midgley @sarah4equality

What a feeling! 💖 To march with my beautiful wife along the #mardigras40 parade route in the steps of #LGBTIQ activ… https://t.co/WHyitvxebz

@KirstieMParker Kirstie Parker @KirstieMParker

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! @yindiartz @SenatorWong @LindaBurneyMP #MardiGras2018 https://t.co/kCvfQNYy9K

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! @yindiartz @S...

@sydneymardigras Sydney Mardi Gras @sydneymardigras

They said YAAAS!! @AMEquality #MardiGras40 https://t.co/nj8baErm8c

They said YAAAS!! @AMEquality #MardiGras...

@neetagreen Nita Green 💪 @neetagreen

Landed ✈️ in Sydney for #mardigras2018 can’t wait to march alongside my @AMEquality colleagues. It’s a privilege wh… https://t.co/hLK03Yc3SW

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