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@VicenteFoxQue Vicente Fox Quesada @VicenteFoxQue

.@realDonaldTrump this is the world working out its problems and you aren’t welcome with your guns out, so you bett… https://t.co/vkwfVzPDPv

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@TeaPainUSA #Mueller issued the subpoena after Bannon was quoted in a new book criticizing #Trump, saying that Trum… https://t.co/5STUyJEQOk

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

#Mueller issued the subpoena after Bannon was quoted in a new book criticizing #Trump, saying that Donald Trump Jr.… https://t.co/QcN9ulCygu

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@nytmike #Mueller issued the subpoena after Bannon was quoted in a new book criticizing Mr. Trump, saying that Dona… https://t.co/tdBeXrPbSl

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@RawStory This pathetic administration is what Twilight Zone episodes are made of. This has been a 365 day marathon… https://t.co/3rcBQsXSxQ

@TeaPainUSA Tea Pain @TeaPainUSA

Now that Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed, will Trump start referrin' to the #TrumpRussia investigation as a "Hobo-hunt?"

@coopah Larry Cooper @coopah

The Other 98% https://t.co/ekenzMPNNu

The Other 98% https://t.co/ekenzMPNNu

@ElisMadison (((Elis Madison))) @ElisMadison

Let me make this clear. If you are still excusing Trump's racial slurs, twisting yourself in knots to explain why h… https://t.co/ZhSPjOdI5V

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@chavezglen1755 @ABC @keriRN @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @KimberleAllen @Da1PoliticalV Deflection or denial… https://t.co/8khRjquzSZ

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@RawStory Typical ignorance of trump supporters, and this racist imbecile #sheriffJoe is supposed to know the law… https://t.co/gYD6FESV5u

@lbpyyz Rita @lbpyyz

@RawStory People like that should not be in law enforcement @JoeArpaioBT #JoeArpaio #trump @abc15 #arizona @JohnMcCain

@RawStory Raw Story @RawStory

US intel officials warned Jared Kushner that the Chinese might use Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife to influence him: report https://t.co/nmCBlqYn3c

@chavezglen1755 STUNNED by the GOP @chavezglen1755


@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@keriRN @chavezglen1755 @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @KimberleAllen @Da1PoliticalV Typical of his trump SCAM… https://t.co/qkotqJZsaD

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@ClaireVoyant56 @MichaelBCBS12 @CBS12 Lol #shitbombs for the #ShitholePresident most appropriate for him. https://t.co/MCXoeUzMQY

@ClaireVoyant56 @MichaelBCBS12 @CBS12 Lo...

@2belinda Linda Berry @2belinda

Donald J Trump is the lowest of the low. And if you voted for him and continue to support him, you are in the gutte… https://t.co/Kzd2973qP4

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@xRykLMUn @2belinda Keep calm, it takes time to bring down a corrupt traitor like trump, even #Nixon took its time. https://t.co/M2FHzUDui9

@xRykLMUn @2belinda Keep calm,  it takes...

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@FrankJManrique3 @2belinda @DevConn5 https://t.co/4464Gnkoia

@FrankJManrique3 @2belinda @DevConn5  ht...

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@FrankJManrique3 @2belinda @DevConn5 Clearly not as stupid as you, supporting the traitor under FBI criminal invest… https://t.co/kthniZqMmZ

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

Spoke to three Republicans this morning that made it clear Trump never wanted a DACA deal in the first place. He wa… https://t.co/Ab6qzaAodd

@jlwallen Jack Wallen @jlwallen

Of course TrumpsterFire wants DACA to end. The program was started by Obama and the #RacistInChief cannot stand the… https://t.co/fPNFtGKgGq

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@MichaelBCBS12 @CBS12 https://t.co/DganPNYhul

@MichaelBCBS12 @CBS12  https://t.co/Dgan...

@MichaelBCBS12 Michael Buczyner @MichaelBCBS12

Haitian protestors near Mar-a-Lago. @CBS12 https://t.co/815h580cCq

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@TrueFactsStated Bottom.

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

#NewProfilePic https://t.co/Y2MN8AwSP0

#NewProfilePic https://t.co/Y2MN8AwSP0

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@KeithOlbermann @realDonaldTrump Well definitely not the thinking of the #RacistInChief 👇👇 https://t.co/jnxB3maxxp

@KeithOlbermann @realDonaldTrump Well de...

@KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann

He’s talking to you, @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/3mMeu0HJi3

@amazoniangal127 ResistRacistTrump @amazoniangal127

@Carl0sPerdue @JimCarrey @karole1945 @Hoohah007 Seems you’re delusional and taking your irate behavior on the wrong… https://t.co/cj49mAZXvi

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