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@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@cmclymer Love you. That is all.

@DeanObeidallah (((DeanObeidallah))) @DeanObeidallah

Tonight Prof @harveyjkaye joins me in studio to talk about why Democrats need to go BOLD to win in 2018! Plus he te… https://t.co/g0Ji1xWrEW

@RachelforOhio Rachel Crooks for Ohio @RachelforOhio

Please, by all means, share the footage from the hallway outside the 24th floor residential elevator bank on the mo… https://t.co/xOKPecWojA

@JessicaPost Jessica Post @JessicaPost

We believe and stand strong with @rachelforohio. Rachel continues to be an inspiration as she runs for Ohio House t… https://t.co/UZPzVHfVNL

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

You can support #Dreamers and #DreamActNow by sending a video message to your representatives. I will also tweet vi… https://t.co/hSxgl45FNl

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Hello, @SenSchumer, @SenGillibrand, and @RepJerryNadler! This is Peter (@morethanmySLE)! He has something he’d l… https://t.co/pdZVS02WIw

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@sarahchad_ Do not back down. They will try to discredit everything you’re doing. Just know that they’re a very sma… https://t.co/4Rw1Mqajuc

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Vote Your Values: Rally for Laura Moser! I will be there! Come join us in Houston! https://t.co/GGNdcZWPeW

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

🚨MORE ATTACKS ON OUR CARE🚨 First the @GOP allows states to impose Medicaid work requirements. Now they’re looking… https://t.co/O3SghBfsIC

@OliviaResists Leigh 🔥#GirlOnFire🔥 @OliviaResists

📢Our fight to #FreeSyedJamal is NOT OVER! Syed was previously given authorization to work through @DHSgov. He is… https://t.co/V3pDUxjJHq

@NicoleK8686 Nicole @NicoleK8686

The same people that said 13 and 14 year olds were perfectly mature enough to date Roy Moore are now saying 17 and… https://t.co/vRIalSbd36

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

TODAY (2/21) Mississippi and Kentucky—you have elections! Also, Florida and Wisconsin— you have primaries! We ar… https://t.co/TGQ9EwF1jl

@Marmel Steve Marmel @Marmel

There were 4 million 13-year old kids in the USA in 2013. They turn 18 this year. They can vote this year. Midterm… https://t.co/NHY8jSK33Q

@ReignOfApril April @ReignOfApril

“Black colleges were educating future doctors and future lawyers and future teachers and nurses and judges and they… https://t.co/94gUJVBHu3

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

If you only want career updates/announcements you can follow @AlyssaDotCom. If you want sports news/info/costumer… https://t.co/LQFl7Reyqz

@BrettPransky Brett Pransky @BrettPransky

Tax cuts for the rich 💰- Education cuts for the rest of us. 👩‍🏫 This is not an accident - It's not a mistake. Thi… https://t.co/YWxobtaL3L

@BWestbrookAZ8 Brianna Westbrook @BWestbrookAZ8

In 2017, pro-gun peddlers spent $7.8 million to make sure our voices for change would not be heard. We can change t… https://t.co/4XuFfe1Qzi

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

TOMORROW (2/20) Mississippi and Kentucky—you have elections! Also, Florida and Wisconsin— you have primaries! We… https://t.co/cGyrqQGVQZ

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@LeschkeSusan @Burns4WI Bring friends!

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@Sense8Dude I don’t want to give her evil narrative attention. #LoveIsLouder

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

#TrumpColluded is trending, @realDonaldTrump. Just an FYI.

@melissacwalker Melissa Walker 🇺🇸 @melissacwalker

#Kentucky and #Mississippi, there are districts in your states that have special elections TOMORROW (Tues). Please… https://t.co/aALXD3a4fQ

@JohntotheOC John T. O'Connell @JohntotheOC

Americans, If you feel that you absolutely cannot live without firing one of these weapons, get your fat asses in s… https://t.co/YUjLgpKzuC

@DadoftheDecade Ben Jackson @DadoftheDecade

ILLINOIS: TOMORROW is the last day for you to register to vote in the 3/20 primary! Don't miss your chance to sup… https://t.co/8n7bSdZFFN

@shannonrwatts Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts

1) I'm tired of pundits speculating that if only officials had been warned, they could have taken this kids guns aw… https://t.co/KlVSw8zrs2

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@shannonrwatts Thank you for all you do.

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Also popular in 1791 (the year the 2nd amendment was adopted) https://t.co/ypgZwfBQQo

Also popular in 1791 (the year the 2nd a...


WATCH: Teens hold "lie-in" protest for gun reform outside of the White House in the wake of Florida school shooting… https://t.co/zI3jZ7IWT8

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