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@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Native Women Tell The Real Story of Thanksgiving... https://t.co/rlHv8H1qqo

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Sunday evening we start fighting hard against the #GOPTaxBill. Pass it on.

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@Underrated_Dom Thank you for using your platform, Dom

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

net neu·tral·i·ty noun 1. the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and app… https://t.co/84oq0lb4j2

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

THIS IS SO INFURIATING. THIS IS SO DISGUSTING. #CyntoiaBrown #FreeCyntoiaBrown Former Child Trafficking Victim… https://t.co/JfCoDOxfoh

@BWestbrookAZ8 Brianna Westbrook @BWestbrookAZ8

Join me, Brianna Westbrook, in my journey to the U.S. House of Representatives, and together you and I will not fin… https://t.co/jSDtWH9aG7

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

I’m just going to leave this right here. https://t.co/wGCrZcKqX4

I’m just going to leave this right here....

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

“Americans have always understood that, truly, one must give in order to receive. This should be a day of giving as… https://t.co/lNzFPAtHzg

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Thanks @twitter and @jack. https://t.co/TVXY1IqWc6

@JasonKander Jason Kander @JasonKander

I don't think @SenTedCruz has fully thought through how ending #NetNeutrality will affect his (ahem) browsing habits.

@WomenOccupyHwd WomenOccupyHollywood @WomenOccupyHwd

#Metoo movement renews Equal Rights Amendment push. We Want #EqualRights for #Women in 🇺🇸 Now! #RatifyERA NOW.... https://t.co/FVfM1uIPMg

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@JasonKander @SenTedCruz A+ tweet

@JudahWorldChamp Judah Friedlander @JudahWorldChamp

#NetNeutrality is a shitty name. Neutral is in the hashtag. And you wonder why people dont get passionate about it?… https://t.co/DCr3AJvRR9

@juliussharpe Julius Sharpe @juliussharpe

CORRECTION: These people have all been found guilty of sexual harassment. https://t.co/iYCq7SZT9v

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@RedTRaccoon @SarahKSilverman @deray You’re lovely, Red. I’m happy to know you.

@roqchams Roqayah Chamseddine @roqchams

Paul Ryan seems to think that $700 a year will allow for a single mother to start saving. Here's why this is simply… https://t.co/8LqlUCxGVE

@DadoftheDecade Ben Jackson @DadoftheDecade

I literally shouted at my TV today when @realdonaldtrump called #DougJonesForSenate terrible on crime at the same t… https://t.co/txNGycVgna

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Alabama, I don’t know you well but I love you. Your beautiful state and your children deserve better than this. N… https://t.co/YxCWf1nYc7

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@HeatherWhaley @reddingdems @womensmarchct @MomsDemand I’m so happy for you and proud of you.

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Rest In Peace, David Cassidy.

@ASlavitt Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt

The assault on net neutrality is like the GOP assault on the environment. We can't pillage our common fabric wout… https://t.co/eQ4i6lZjGR

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

What kind of world do we live in that we allow this to happen? Pease read and share: https://t.co/t81CjfxujB… https://t.co/BibklO8mlU

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

Wait! What?! A sexual predator came out in support of a sexual predator? You don’t say. #MeToo https://t.co/SjpC6YQQLr

Wait! What?! A sexual predator came out...

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@DadoftheDecade @AjitPaiFCC Hahahaha! A+ tweet.

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@AynRandPaulRyan @Twitter @Cernovich Super hard to understand WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

What if the Internet was so slow it loaded one word at a time? Defend #NetNeutrality https://t.co/eXUHXv7yfq

@alyssa_milano Alyssa Milano @alyssa_milano

@sarahcolonna Chris has extra teeth. And abs.

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

I created a moment. #SaveNetNeutrality We must fight to keep the internet Neutral. Our democracy depends on it.… https://t.co/USdAEg3KdT

@HMAesq Hassan Ahmad @HMAesq

Stop selling this as a freedom of speech issue. Repealing #NetNeutrality only enables curtailment of freedom of spe… https://t.co/NrfUi2JsV0

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