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@lonelynstan sydni @lonelynstan

Lol fifth harmony being a 2x platinum album selling girl group just shows that the bandwagon hate they get isn't bo… https://t.co/cKXWKgFxde

@unison_my_ass sandro @unison_my_ass

I love this woman 🗣️ https://t.co/93b25mSDP9

@LMJUpdates Lauren Jauregui Updates @LMJUpdates

#INTERVIEW | Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Says They've Had Discussions About Solo Careers: Interview via @forbes https://t.co/9moDqz55bg

@dinahjane97 ♕DinahJane @dinahjane97

I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet

@unison_my_ass sandro @unison_my_ass

two platinum albums, a 6x platinum single and 5 other platinum singles... not everyone has that!

@allybavocado Yeli 💭 @allybavocado

Queen https://t.co/ehEMXlYKqE

@harmodreamer bruNNa loves ᴀʟʟʏ ᴬᴮᴴ @harmodreamer

. ⭐ ALLY DINAH LAUREN… https://t.co/NZ7fVL6o8Y

@jaureguiregreti paige⁵ᴴ @jaureguiregreti

look at how happy they and surprised they are 🤧 oh my god they deserve the whole entire universe https://t.co/gMe6TWvueu

look at how happy they and surprised the...

@DJHansenUpdates Dinah Jane Updates @DJHansenUpdates

IG | Fifth Harmony being awarded their Two Platinum albums by the @RIAA on grace_pae’s Instagram Story;12/12 https://t.co/VxSG4ZajSL

IG | Fifth Harmony being awarded their T...

@dinahjane97 ♕DinahJane @dinahjane97

2MILLION xx pinch me https://t.co/nJwW8Olw5F

2MILLION xx pinch me https://t.co/nJwW8O...

@dinahjane97 ♕DinahJane @dinahjane97


@kordeilogy ᴺᴷdani @kordeilogy

Fifth Harmony own two PLATINUM albums and a 5x PLATINUM single in the US. Not everybody has that https://t.co/kIvs1Oa0fa

Fifth Harmony own two PLATINUM albums an...

@FifthHarmonyWWS Fifth Harmony WWS @FifthHarmonyWWS

.@RIAA have announced 7/27 & Reflection are now PLATINUM certified! CONGRATS FIFTH HARMONY!

@LaurenJauregui Lauren Jauregui @LaurenJauregui

WE'RE 2 TIMES PLATINUMMMM!! Thankyouuu @RIAA & spotify for having us tonight(: the crowd was lit… https://t.co/HbYYv9U4mf

@dinahjane97 ♕DinahJane @dinahjane97

Keep it 💯 baby show me what ya made of

@FifthHarmony Fifth Harmony @FifthHarmony

Jakarta Harmonizers!! Tour club pre-sale is LIVE - get those tix!! We’ll see you there 💋 https://t.co/t6txcaIzEZ

@FifthHarmony Fifth Harmony @FifthHarmony

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Santa Claus is COMIN’ to town #CarpoolKaraoke style 🎶🚗 🎅 @latelateshow @JKCorden @samsmithworld… https://t.co/ABPgiUeJz8

@JKCorden James Corden @JKCorden

Here’s our brand new Christmas Carpool with @edsheeran @BrunoMars @Pink @Harry_Styles @samsmithworld @FifthHarmony… https://t.co/VoNwTzQtqR

@unison_my_ass sandro @unison_my_ass

the fact that the back-up dancers can outsing, outdance and outperform with ease is sending me https://t.co/Fas7cSulbn

@dinahjane97 ♕DinahJane @dinahjane97

We hit 70k views wowww 🙈🙈🎁 #DinahLeonaChristmas I could kiss you rn .... but I’m saving it for someone underneath t… https://t.co/1h6r5omAFb

@AllyBrooke Ally Brooke @AllyBrooke

MARY! Thank you for my warm cozy blanket 😍😍😍 It’s perfectiooonnnnnnn ❤️ I could live in it! @jojoregui AND THANK YO… https://t.co/9elBHX8IHX

@AllyBrooke Ally Brooke @AllyBrooke

It’s beautiful! You creative moon beam! You get so many points for making it for your MAMA!! Always take care of he… https://t.co/9Lx9EXrqDQ

@LaurenJauregui Lauren Jauregui @LaurenJauregui

@laurmanisbridge @kourtirl 😍💞❤

@LMJUpdates Lauren Jauregui Updates @LMJUpdates

#IG | Lauren on @alicialquarles's post https://t.co/WBtna124gM

#IG | Lauren on @alicialquarles's post h...

@NormaniUpdate Normani Updates @NormaniUpdate

Normani on grace_pae’s Instagram post https://t.co/0KZKxoMhL1

Normani on grace_pae’s Instagram post ht...


Wow, I love three queens: https://t.co/NtwKmgH88I 👑 @NormaniKordei @iamcardib @LaurenJauregui https://t.co/gaMUpcpIrh

Wow, I love three queens: https://t.co/N...

@NormaniUpdate Normani Updates @NormaniUpdate

Normani on @dinahjane97’s Instagram post https://t.co/KlEOPRBQt8

Normani on @dinahjane97’s Instagram post...

@unison_my_ass sandro @unison_my_ass

*SHE SOBS* oh, my God https://t.co/7irh4tVH7T

*SHE SOBS* oh, my God https://t.co/7irh4...

@LMJUpdates Lauren Jauregui Updates @LMJUpdates

#VIDEO | Fifth Harmony Backstage With Billy Costa #Kiss108JingleBall https://t.co/ssmRWlpCIS via @YouTube

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