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Jasper, AL

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@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

Everyone wants something from me.

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

I just wanna die rn

@avareybelle aves🦋 @avareybelle

Y’all..he really had no clue😂💀 https://t.co/hoo6aJE5qU

Y’all..he really had no clue😂💀 https://t...

@FlirtingIy Flirting @FlirtingIy

i wanna be your last kiss, last love, and last everything

@FlirtyNotes FlirtyNotes @FlirtyNotes

A good relationship is worth the wait...

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

Is there seriously no hotel rooms left to book in cullman for rts 🙄🙄🙄

@disIoyalty baby @disIoyalty

i'm a sucker for cute paragraphs and unexpected shit

@codycarden19 Cody Carden @codycarden19

Idc what y’all say, women aren’t that complicated... 99.9% of their arguments can be resolved with food, a nap, or… https://t.co/4i0ahmCE2c

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

@Kaitlynvc_21 ME EITHER ❤️

@Kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @Kaitlynvc_21

I can’t wait to go to RTS with @allisonn__paige since this is both our first times ever going! ♥️

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

I just want a puppy 😭❤️

@Kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @Kaitlynvc_21

I will always be here no matter what too! 💜 https://t.co/mBRD8wWRVD

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

@Kaitlynvc_21 ❤️ https://t.co/40DuTKc1Th

@WhitePplQuote White People @WhitePplQuote

Overusing the words "like" and "literally"

@FlirtyNotes FlirtyNotes @FlirtyNotes

I will never say "I love you" unless I mean it 100%.

@Jada_Armani ʝα∂α αямαиι 🌹 @Jada_Armani

Sex on the 1st night don’t make you a hoe and waiting 3 months don’t make you a wife

@BabyAnimalPics Baby Animals @BabyAnimalPics

I'm certain my life would be 200% better if I had a big bear dog in my life https://t.co/wogsqLaje7

I'm certain my life would be 200% better...

@ltsPostMalone Post Malone @ltsPostMalone

If it happens, it happens. Don't force it.

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

The good ole days https://t.co/uqgW9TQUpf

@JayGatsbyHQ Jay Gatsby @JayGatsbyHQ

I want you and only you.

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

Or as much as they do their trucks 😂 https://t.co/FlAO2ca98r

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

Someone donate me some money bc I need more tattoos

@collegeprobIem college student @collegeprobIem

do u ever look back at a decision you made and wanna punch yourself in the face bc it was so stupid and u wanna take it back but you can't

@Relxtionss Relation Goals @Relxtionss

I'm a strong believer that whoever is meant to be in your life will always gravitate back to you, no matter how far they wander

@CuteiMessages @CuteiMessages



@broimsosad :( @broimsosad

i'm losing interest in everything tbh

@TattedUpBreezy 👑 ѕтαу ωσкє @TattedUpBreezy

Someone said, “ppl with big, pure & caring hearts are always the ones who end up hurt. Bc we give more than we rece… https://t.co/FpX5fvwSKS

@allisonn__paige allyyy @allisonn__paige

This is 100% definitely me. https://t.co/We509oaaPh

@_alirigney Ali Rigney @_alirigney

too many people are willing to lose a good thing over a good time

@xcorbino c. @xcorbino

at this point in my life, i want whatever God wants for me

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