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@activist360 Bill Madden @activist360

Being the poster boy for 'psychological projection', if serial lying sociopath Trump says "No collusion" — it's 100… https://t.co/Bx0z5nIEWA

@TomArnold Tom Arnold @TomArnold

At this very moment Roseanne Barr is trolling #MeToo women because they tweeted #TrumpColluted Wonder how @ABCNetwork feels about that?

@Khanoisseur Adam Khan @Khanoisseur

Do simplistic slogans, name-calling and crude memes change people’s minds? Well, they helped Trump win the primarie… https://t.co/tUKq4cV6Do

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

You're forgetting sexual assault and rape. On minors, too. https://t.co/RoTwpIQSgc

@McFaul Michael McFaul @McFaul

Caught @seanhannity at the gym tonight. Didn’t know he was taking about American alleged interference in other coun… https://t.co/k3XID520Oa

@MarshallCohen Marshall Cohen @MarshallCohen

Do you think Jill Stein knows she was (and continues to be) used by the Russian government? She knows and doesn't c… https://t.co/EEcESGhL0Y

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

Considering "Everything Trump Touches Dies" (copyright @TheRickWilson ) I would NOT be happy if I were Mitt Romney. https://t.co/Nf4Cwk2BP7

@MaddowBlog Maddow Blog @MaddowBlog

Unless something changes in the next few days, Jared Kushner is going to need a new job by the end of the week. https://t.co/NbfPygpMZm

Unless something changes in the next few...

@washingtonpost Washington Post @washingtonpost

In the war against election meddling, Italy takes the lead https://t.co/Zajtyw6aPn

@chrisfalman chris @chrisfalman

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/lkg2G4BQqL

@aliasvaughn  https://t.co/lkg2G4BQqL

@DrDenaGrayson Dr. Dena Grayson @DrDenaGrayson

Kush Co hired convict Richard Goettlich (Daddy Kush met in prison) who approached Israeli company, Gaia👉🏼connected… https://t.co/WUqXRXFFRF

@DrDenaGrayson Dr. Dena Grayson @DrDenaGrayson

.@SenBlumenthal "It's a pattern of outreach to Russian🇷🇺financial interests, essentially Putin & oligarch(s), by Tr… https://t.co/PNMoNFp95K

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

Oh no you did just fine, I was agreeing with you, too. Sorry if that came out wrong! And yes, you and I are both Ca… https://t.co/CLupciSNlX

@jmariebrooklyn GABBY @jmariebrooklyn

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/vvzRhmPvV4

@aliasvaughn  https://t.co/vvzRhmPvV4

@SGNSV_ 🦈Sweet Gee🦈 @SGNSV_

@aliasvaughn 😁 https://t.co/x9wRWiFBaq

@aliasvaughn 😁 https://t.co/x9wRWiFBaq

@heartofmel hippie at heart @heartofmel

@Rod4SaltLakeCo @aliasvaughn 😂😂😂 https://t.co/7Wd2tUs5uC

@Rod4SaltLakeCo @aliasvaughn 😂😂😂 https:/...

@Rod4SaltLakeCo R. Cornelius Threats @Rod4SaltLakeCo

@aliasvaughn @heartofmel https://t.co/Buu0dUPF4v

@aliasvaughn @heartofmel  https://t.co/B...

@JozCproductions jcpllc @JozCproductions

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/Rl3RyAVtmW

@aliasvaughn  https://t.co/Rl3RyAVtmW

@always_resist ❄️ She persists @always_resist

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/9uwz7NuT8r

@aliasvaughn  https://t.co/9uwz7NuT8r

@ProblemChild_60 ProblemChild @ProblemChild_60

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/3oCdlZfXUG

@aliasvaughn  https://t.co/3oCdlZfXUG

@tweetpatti PC @tweetpatti

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/VzrZsj4vAC

@aliasvaughn https://t.co/VzrZsj4vAC

@NYDailyNews New York Daily News @NYDailyNews

Remember that time @realDonaldTrump tweeted about how it isn't presidential to visit a golf course after a tragedy?… https://t.co/6jJq1KWjSz


US probe looking at Kushner foreign business contacts: report https://t.co/Ze2rFhfTzO https://t.co/4Bi8YborYx

US probe looking at Kushner foreign busi...

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

Somebody give me a "bi**h please" gif. https://t.co/gdq6fu6hsR

@allinwithchris All In w/Chris Hayes @allinwithchris

"The White House is making it about them when there are kids that are dead" - Marjory Stoneman Douglas student… https://t.co/fbSAJtPyiI

@washingtonpost Washington Post @washingtonpost

A Trump accuser keeps asking herself if anyone is listening. She plans to keep talking. https://t.co/DJELwqn32i

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

Also a good point. https://t.co/Mhd9erBWSw

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

@LouiseMensch Absolutely.

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

We're on the same side, Louise. I said "pro life" bc they call themselves that, but it's clear they are not. https://t.co/MT7H0PawS3

@aliasvaughn Ale @aliasvaughn

Correct. None of these people are PRO LIFE at ALL. https://t.co/UgjkD95lyS

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