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  • RT @cashbonez: You're only allowed to call it a Monster Energy Drink if it comes from the Monster Energy region of France
  • @andalerob @rejectedjokes Not sure if you saw the other response but “IMPROV” works!
  • @juliarib @TheDanforthMH Thank you!!!
  • @rejectedjokes Hey Benny do you have a presale code for the Toronto show on April 7? 😬 Apparently presale starts in an hour and it’s listed that there’s an artist pre-sale 🤷🏻‍♀️ #MiddleditchAndSchwartz
  • @TheDanforthMH Do you have a presale code for Middleditch & Schwartz on April 7? It’s listed on Ticketmaster that there’s a Danforth Music Hall Presale Code but I cant find it anywhere 😬

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