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I'm not apologizing for calling out TrickFreee on his bullshit. Have a nice day.


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@VisitZimbabwee #VisitZimbabwe @VisitZimbabwee

#Yup #AfricasParadise is #Zimbabwe https://t.co/nEEtuLextX

@VisitZimbabwee #VisitZimbabwe @VisitZimbabwee

Amazing views from #Zimbabwe's #HighestMountain - The mysterious #MtNyangani Stunning #Skylines #Landscapes #Summer… https://t.co/1U4bS0SJ4e

@MrMuzo_ T.A Muzorewa @MrMuzo_

#Zimbabwe my beautiful country https://t.co/lmKgb0PHgt

#Zimbabwe my beautiful country https://t...

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#GreenEnterprise is an opportunity for economic growth and job creation in #Zimbabwe I'm looking forward to… https://t.co/joxY0IEyQy

@SethAbramson Seth Abramson @SethAbramson

As rogue elements within NYPD and the FBI conspired with the Trump campaign in October 2016 to falsely accuse Clint… https://t.co/OZXm6YiVY4

@ProudResister PROUD RESISTER 👊 @ProudResister

Alabama Exit Polls: (Vote by Race) Black Voters Jones 95% Moore 5% White Voters Moore 70% Jones 27% Black Voters… https://t.co/hJiQscKred

@Dktr_Sus Dktr Süs @Dktr_Sus

Mom: 'Heard so much about that Moore creep - but nothing about who Doug Jones is' Me: 'Maybe it's time to ask your… https://t.co/opMTfIH6C6

@S_R_L_W Syrian Revolution @S_R_L_W

The next visit. By Ramzi Diab. الزيارة القادمة. عمل لـ رمزي دياب. https://t.co/ldCAm3ykYa

The next visit.
By Ramzi Diab.
الزيارة ا...

@RiverStreet1 Carrie's Soapbox📝 @RiverStreet1

@molly_knight @GeorgiaScutt DJT plan may well have been to have a Moore victory, then kick him out bc he's an embar… https://t.co/HktCrAaucw

@CombatChris1 Christian Turner @CombatChris1

#East_Ghouta : UN decries the Regime's siege yet they've given in to every one of #Assad's demands and handed him b… https://t.co/A7WiJa5Q6a

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@dingalingy55 I know right?

@MiddleEastMnt Middle East Monitor @MiddleEastMnt

#Iran commander: #Israel no longer poses a “dangerous threat” to Iran. https://t.co/wp3oenlqcQ

@Fact_Picss Fact & Pics @Fact_Picss

Prisoners per 100,000 people. US: 693 Russia: 450 Brazil: 307 South Africa: 292 Iran: 287 Israel: 265 Turkey: 238… https://t.co/w788HqRKfl

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix My bad.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix yes.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix This is way out there, but personally I believe the US presidency is bought and sold to foreign pow… https://t.co/socDk3sH2W

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix I supported him for quite a while too. I thought he had good intentions for a long time.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix Too sad. :(

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix Are there no standards of conduct for holding the highest office in the land? I suppose that's one strategy for failure. 😨

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix Oh, I agree with you. The US seems completely helpless to protect itself from this fascist takeover… https://t.co/OU7aeEEZhy

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix The mafia ties and Russia connections are one in the same.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix True, but RW media jumps on fact or fiction with equal avidity.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix Perhaps. Or perhaps he was trapped by his own testimony. Comey testified that he had no regrets, ye… https://t.co/64ZQMHoCgP

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix No, it wasn't Trump's right to fire him >> to avoid criminal prosecution. The reasons for firing mu… https://t.co/99ZIM8WDs2

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix If I was the gatekeeper of US democracy, I sure as hell wouldn't lay down and concede liberty to a treasonous coup.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix Sure, I will. Consider this, if Comey knew Trump was firing him to cover up treason, why did Comey… https://t.co/8jlZppcsuY

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix Thanks.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix If you have time, listen to Comey's testimony. They spend a ton of time pretending like information… https://t.co/NXlbGUlUSf

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix I don't believe DT often, but I do believe that Comey told him he was not under investigation.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@ifthedevilisix But was he? Listen to Comey's testimony. You'll hear a lot of "there is no evidence". They GLOMARed… https://t.co/TDCJR3Q4RX

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