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I'm not apologizing for calling out TrickFreee on his bullshit. Have a nice day.


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@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

Because that's how stupid I am. I'll vote for someone who keeps his FP beliefs a secret. https://t.co/LnvRtWvIYZ

Because that's how stupid I am.
I'll vot...

@TomWhelan9 Tom Whelan @TomWhelan9

#Syria - death toll in #Ghouta is over 300!! WAKE UP WORLD!!! https://t.co/xYQAyRaXFV

@SyriaCivilDef The White Helmets @SyriaCivilDef

Most of the video is in blackness but the little girl's voice at the end tells all. No Arabic is necessary to under… https://t.co/96TpWIumAt

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@theJagmeetSingh @janfromthebruce Let me guess, was it what Jill Stein said? Or was it what Tulsi Gabbard said cros… https://t.co/I49CHx7QXj

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@theJagmeetSingh @janfromthebruce Still silent on Syria? How amusing.

@WASBAPPIN ChadInternationalist @WASBAPPIN

Special thanks to all the leftists who helped lower the bar for states everywhere. Once marginalized communities s… https://t.co/CSOGQqbPgA

@_Suppiluliumas_ Suppiluliumas @_Suppiluliumas_

Syrian kid follows accounts of people who talk about Syria a lot. CONSPIRACY PROVED!!!1!! https://t.co/A9ZYT8GxPP

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

This comes hours after First National Bank dumped the NRA and announced they would no longer issue NRA Visa cards https://t.co/9dqkIJ9RwI

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

BREAKING: Three major car rental companies dump the NRA https://t.co/uG4PjKwYq7

@STRapten Aten @STRapten

@Fizzhogg So what you’re basically saying is the NRA shills are the real paid crisis actors? Right?!

@Fizzhogg Paul Guyot @Fizzhogg

Dana Loesch came to me 10yrs ago pitching a sitcom starring herself: “A hot young mom who does far right radio show… https://t.co/e1LVYu9Ajf

@sighnatasha natasha #NeverAgain @sighnatasha

As someone who was there front row, the crowd was not cheering “burn her” as she walked off stage. We yelled “shame… https://t.co/6diF7YSL5v

@NewsRemote Nestor Vega @NewsRemote

What a douche bag. https://t.co/fim49evRx9

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@donadef97 @YourAnonCentral @Noor_and_Alaa Because the UNSC is recognizing an illegal member. Putin is illegitimate… https://t.co/HH3kaJZezM

@TheRickyDavila Ricky Davila @TheRickyDavila

I repeat: The NRA is a terrorist organization. https://t.co/plNmoUlZQn

@omen_syria MIA @omen_syria

Ppl who demand abiding by etiquette are weaponizing protocol to cover up crimes.

@omen_syria MIA @omen_syria

@midatlantic61 @BarackObama you call this appropriate. I do not. Reason fake potus is in the WH is because Obama cl… https://t.co/9Th4lo9tN7

@YourAnonCentral Anonymous (ATGM) @YourAnonCentral

Then you should know Marie Colvin was murdered in 2012 by Assad regime shelling. https://t.co/9gumkcJLFQ

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@JacobusBakker @BonnieKipperman Also Putin is an ILLEGAL president according to the Russian constitution. A WAR CRIMINAL.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

@JacobusBakker @BonnieKipperman Russia is there committing war crimes.

@alanabowker Alana Bowker 🍁 @alanabowker

How can you help people that are incapable of seeing the obvious?

@StanteaR_ StanteaR @StanteaR_

Terör Örgütü pkk'ya destek için Afrin'e hareket eden pkk'lı terörist ve Esed Rejimine bağlı Şii milislerden oluşan… https://t.co/UtWMK7c7gN


@DLoesch For when she deletes it https://t.co/NabiQJcgZ1

@DLoesch For when she deletes it https:/...

@brainouty brainout#Libertarian @brainouty

This is alarming. The guy who runs our ability to make a voting systems safe is fired? @maddow https://t.co/bTuiWujXyk

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