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Practice and Firmly believe 'Truthful and Sane Politics'; President Delhi State Congress; 5 Terms MP/MLA- Former Cabinet Minister Govt. of India & Delhi Govt.

New Delhi, India

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@Simi_Garewal Simi Garewal @Simi_Garewal

#RahulGandhiCongressPresident Rajiv Gandhi was 46 when he died. Rahul at 47 takes over. A continuum, as it were, de… https://t.co/op3NraNGVL

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

Our recall of India's history is different from the BJP's. Our idea of India is different from the BJP's. Mr Rahul… https://t.co/wks0yu18G9

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

Congress will build an alternative narrative based on fairness, equal opportunity, jobs for the youth, and lifting… https://t.co/wVC50Zu4e9

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

Mr Rahul Gandhi's inaugural speech today laid down the contours of an alternative narrative that the Congress will… https://t.co/2apxgKTYsM

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you @ikamalhaasan Avl. https://t.co/5MrHEJmfuS

@ikamalhaasan Kamal Haasan @ikamalhaasan

Congratulations Mr. Rahul.G. Your seat does not define you but you can define your position. I have admired your el… https://t.co/r85PueYkzz

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

#ThankYouSoniaGandhi A memorable tenure of 19 years! Proud to have the opportunity to work under your able leader… https://t.co/KXEGoYRyNt

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

I want the Congress party to become an instrument for dialogue between Indian people, from all corners of our great… https://t.co/E0AQADTdBG

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you, Ajay Maken ji https://t.co/5zAiMALvNL

@AshokTanwar_INC Ashok Tanwar @AshokTanwar_INC

My Boss,My Hero,My Ideal Rahul Ji @OfficeOfRG is taking charge as Chief of @INCIndia AICC.It's great historical mom… https://t.co/RjJa57Wwox

@shilparathnam Shilpa Rathnam @shilparathnam

This letter from Hindustan pencils to a mother who wrote to them about the needs of her left-handed daughter is so… https://t.co/zCb8UDJgiM

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

Request DPCC workers- Reach 24Akbar Rd-16th Dec 10AM- @OfficeOfRG taking Charge of AICC President https://t.co/i4SS1cK6rK

@HardikPatel_ Hardik Patel @HardikPatel_

एग्ज़िट पॉल में भाजपा जीत रही हैं।फिर भी कार्यकर्ता और नेता ख़ुश क्यों नहीं हैं????

@amanpanwar Aman Panwar @amanpanwar

Many congratulations to Vikas Singh on being elected as SCBA president! Rupinder Singh Suri (RSS) pushed to 3rd pos… https://t.co/TflXv8VeF3

@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

New norms for justice by ECI-: 1.FM-BJP leaders hold a PC in Ahd & release Manifesto on 8th Dec- No FIR 2.Modiji do… https://t.co/Fp5qlLEg9y

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

Excellent article, as always, by @pbmehta ‘Power and insecurity- PM’s Gujarat campaign shows the politics of hope… https://t.co/b7ecNCuLsi

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

Fireworks, Handshakes And Garlands Welcome Rahul Gandhi At His Delhi Residence - NDTV https://t.co/n4dBKDN4Nl

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

‘Cong workers accord grand welcome to Rahul Gandhi’ https://t.co/7AFLd4EhVB via @indiatoday https://t.co/5tNvNE4UEg

‘Cong workers accord grand welcome to Ra...

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

लगातार दस चुनाव जीतने वाले- दिल्ली के पूर्व मंत्री-विधान सभा स्पीकर एवं दिल्ली प्रदेश कांग्रेस के पूर्व अध्यक्ष चौ.… https://t.co/0taoc2wgAV

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

The @INCDelhi Chief @ajaymaken welcomed Congress President-Elect Rahul Gandhi back to New Delhi, after a memorable… https://t.co/Ip6rZQlUTl

@shakeelNBT Shakeel Akhtar @shakeelNBT

क्या यह विजयी नायक का स्वागत है? गुजरात के हाई वोल्टेज चुनाव अभियान से लौटने के बाद कांग्रेस कार्यकर्ताओं का जोशिला… https://t.co/KLP2b9utta

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

Today upbeat @INCDelhi workers in large numbers, welcome their President-Elect @OfficeOfRG https://t.co/IkpZf15YJd

Today upbeat @INCDelhi workers in large...

@24x7Politics 24x7 Politics @24x7Politics

Congress President-elect OfficeOfRG welcomed by Delhi Pradesh Congress workers and leaders at 12 Tughlak Lane… https://t.co/8cxOCUpUdO

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

The @INCDelhi workers warmly received Congress President-Elect Rahul Gandhi at 12, Tughlak Lane upon returning from… https://t.co/fQfBqo8mLD

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

LIVE: Congress President-Elect Rahul Gandhi holds a press conference in Ahmedabad.#CongressAaveChe https://t.co/n96irpfIBA

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

आपके बचत खातों पर वार-आपके बचत खातों पर वार- Click https://t.co/uvlQgiwA7T https://t.co/ufwcqbyhgy

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for the tremendous support and good wishes you have showered on me. It is an hono… https://t.co/Qve4SkeFTc

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for your good wishes Modi ji. @narendramodi

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