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@unitehere UNITE HERE @unitehere

@TeamsterDoug @colinb1123 @saraflocks @CaliforniaLabor Proud to partner with @CaliforniaLabor on multiple legislati… https://t.co/wXw1lBK8kP


The workers united will never be defeated! #CUonStrike #WeAreWorkers #CUBargainNow https://t.co/oGozaMLRnT

The workers united will never be defeate...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

@lmlauramarsh Laura, it’s up over 14,000 now!! We’re so happy you’re part of the #1u family as well!

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

🎉 🎊 https://t.co/qS1NtSIL3k

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Toiling Over a “Puddle of Blood”: Why These Warehouse Workers Are Standing Up to Abuses https://t.co/9k20iPDO6g

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Yes, this union member is a hero. https://t.co/eN8Zg2vxgb

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Why Young People Are Joining Unions Again https://t.co/lUsLkfxsuv

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Long Hours, Low Pay Push Some Democratic Campaign Workers To Unionize https://t.co/qlAQsvDTi1

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Proud of James Shaw, Jr’s bravery — he’s a member of @CWAUnion Local 3808. https://t.co/4icNya49uU

@aijenpoo Ai-jen Poo @aijenpoo

We are going live from DC in just under 1 hour — join us for a powerful conversation with @domesticworkers and farm… https://t.co/4HflPjQ7cK

@APALAnational APALA @APALAnational

Join @domesticworkers + @campesinasunite in urging congress to make sure existing laws protect ALL workers from sex… https://t.co/Ln1Af2oD89

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Nearly 5,000 JetBlue Flight Attendants Voted To Unionize, in a Major Win for Airline Labor #1u #unionstrong https://t.co/tx1OUNR3Kw

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽💸💰 https://t.co/UbxP7UJHfc

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

Collective action is on the rise and it is a special moment in American history. #1u https://t.co/YiWY4RNu6j

@ibewlocal494 IBEW Local 494 @ibewlocal494

Thank you to the the brave actions of James Shaw, Jr., @CWAUnion Local 3808 member and son of @IBEW429 member James… https://t.co/ChjR7AzTTB


Our picket is underway! JOIN US #CUonstrike #WeAreWorkers #BargainNow https://t.co/XiCObsAO7T

Our picket is underway! JOIN US #CUonstr...

@transportworker TWU @transportworker

Congressman Mark Veasey honors Gwen York, recently deceased TWU Cope Director. We love you, Gwen. Forever.… https://t.co/ezRDx8RZhf

@APALAnational APALA @APALAnational

Women are mobilizing in DC this week to make sure ALL workplaces are safe places. Join @domesticworkers… https://t.co/Z8fiEnFEOU


Labor ready for #equalpay bill signing. Thanks to all affiliates and partners who made this day possible. https://t.co/fjzHRZyXbI

Labor ready for #equalpay bill signing....

@news_guild NewsGuild @news_guild

Ann M. Wilhelmy, journalist and longtime president of the Minnesota Newspaper Guild, dies at 68 https://t.co/EWHVsyOmOt

@RLReindel Rebecca Reindel @RLReindel

Need help planning for #WorkersMemorialDay, #April28? Here's a toolkit to get you started: https://t.co/A7gYlLcx69… https://t.co/zJ5DozMoxx


Congratulations to all the elected @UFCW officers at the 8th regular convention including seven from the @RWDSU who… https://t.co/AtztTiRlCG

@chrislhayes Chris Hayes @chrislhayes

So, in light of the TA strike tomorrow at Columbia (and my policy to not cross picket lines) I’ve asked the (very k… https://t.co/QZSnAB10QZ

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

WATCH: Great video from @MachinistsUnion on the Right to Work Battle in Missouri @MOAFLCIO @NoOnPropA https://t.co/neFXCBcupr

@WGAEast Writers Guild East @WGAEast

"A major union - @CWAUnion - preparing to strike against AT&T has compiled a detailed report of U.S. layoffs and c… https://t.co/G4ArqKMewL

@CTGuild Chicago Tribune Guild @CTGuild

We are one step closer. And we hope @tronc voluntarily recognizes us so we can work together for the good of our co… https://t.co/YG76SKrto9

@APALAnational APALA @APALAnational

8 of 10 farmworker women reported sexual harassment to be one of the major problems they face. Today we urge congre… https://t.co/s9g8yw74If

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

A survey of just six states shows that Amazon ranks in the top 20 employers of SNAP recipients in nearly all of the… https://t.co/PJaovVtM93

@rweingarten Randi Weingarten @rweingarten

Hugely important poll- almost 80% say teachers need a raise and by 50-26% would pay more taxes to accomplish this (… https://t.co/HAvYnoRjlh

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

CWA Local 2204 and CWA Next Generation – a project of CWA to recruit, train, & mobilize young CWA members – teamed… https://t.co/G6nTJYoTsa

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