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@fightfor15 Fight For 15 @fightfor15

This is why we need to #SaveMedicaid. Tell your Senators to VOTE NO on Trumpcare. https://t.co/959fPWq8S6… https://t.co/ovaVX05o8M

@SenWarren Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren

How could @SenateGOP propose cutting Medicaid for this child and the millions like him? https://t.co/FZcSeKkiyB

How could @SenateGOP propose cutting Med...

@civilrightsorg Civil Rights @civilrightsorg

Reminder: For African Americans and Latinos, the drop in the uninsured rate among non-elderly people has been signi… https://t.co/fEUtJpt604

@CathyFeingold Cathy Feingold @CathyFeingold

.@RevDrBarber repeal of Obamacare is "attack on poor people and poor bodies" https://t.co/chfOufq0rE

@HarvardBiz Harvard Biz Review @HarvardBiz

Uber’s business model is predicated on lawbreaking. It can’t easily pivot toward following the rules https://t.co/fkiEwPmaYc

@Culinary226 The Culinary Union @Culinary226

Culinary Union members are phonebanking @SenDeanHeller at 702-388-6605 and asking him to #ProtectMedicaid. https://t.co/Ic4JVDF0XR

Culinary Union members are phonebanking...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

You can stop this toxic #HealthcareBill. One call could save your life 1-888-865-8089. #AHCA https://t.co/s54wdBCFmL

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

They did this. Can you make one phone call? 1-888-865-8089 Protesting in a wheelchair: A time-honored US tradition https://t.co/IeM5HaeTLM

@RepTimRyan Congressman Tim Ryan @RepTimRyan

The healthcare debate is fundamentally a debate about our collective humanity. #Trumpcare is a uniquely cruel piece… https://t.co/cNr7UPP8KK

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Why's the guy on the left so excited about legislation that takes away workers' freedom to join together and negoti… https://t.co/aAqw6LwcKn

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

.@StoryCorpsUnion workers are fighting for a voice on the job! We stand with these workers, RT if you do too! #1u https://t.co/d3fuC3qs1a ✊

@AFGENational AFGE @AFGENational

#OTD in 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act which banned child labor and set the 40-hour work week.… https://t.co/IvViWrpFO2


Removing essential health benefit protections could cause medical bills to skyrocket for everyone. Call your senato… https://t.co/BoO0qW0FQo

@mscaglione1 Melissa Scaglione @mscaglione1

Coal miners speak up about how AHCA would deny coverage for workers suffering from black lung #saveMeCapito… https://t.co/5dFSULylp3

@rweingarten Randi Weingarten @rweingarten

The ACA ended practice of lifetime and annual caps—but #Trumpcare wants to bring them back. https://t.co/FVxmA0OCuE

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Your @GOP Senator could be voting to force people out of nursing homes. Cruelty knows no bounds. Make the call: 1-8… https://t.co/7HWXGOMYpt

@WorkingAmerica Working America @WorkingAmerica

.@RichardTrumka & @WestVirginiaAFL Pres Sword: @SenCapito should oppose the dangerous AHCA #HealthCareBill #NoAHCA https://t.co/cxoXjZ1G86

@mcricker (((Mary Cathryn))) @mcricker

Happy Pride Day from your union family! 🏳️‍🌈#1u #tcpride #PrideMarch https://t.co/yE2yu8hwEX

Happy Pride Day from your union family!...

@chifightfor15 Fight For 15 Chicago @chifightfor15

RIGHT NOW: #Fightfor15 workers are marching in #Pride2017 parade because queer rights are worker rights! https://t.co/vRqCF1yCGu

RIGHT NOW: #Fightfor15 workers are march...

@NashvilleCLC Central Labor Counci @NashvilleCLC

We had a great time marching at #NashvillePRIDE yesterday! #UnionPRIDE #UnionSTRONG #EqualRightsforAllOurSiblings… https://t.co/RWLAhsGvJq

@jwjnational Jobs With Justice @jwjnational

Trump promised he wouldn’t cut #Medicaid. But #Trumpcare makes enormous cuts to the live-saving program. https://t.co/24GtOXBknE

@amayajsmith Amaya Smith @amayajsmith

Buyer beware! @ATT is driving down standards for both workers and consumers. Learn More: https://t.co/8PCCPXICnF #ATTRetailFail

@civilrightsorg Civil Rights @civilrightsorg

#OTD in 2013, #SCOTUS gutted one of our nation's most important and effective civil rights laws: the Voting Rights… https://t.co/ICGXZe588e

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

ICYMI: We launched a new ad campaign warning of the dangers of the @senateGOP health care bill… https://t.co/zl8515GG9T

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

@ArtL7 @FamiliesUSA @dscc @SimonWDC https://t.co/dFjdSpGpmt


.@AFLCIO Launches New Health Care Ad Campaign https://t.co/x7LSIPUmN8 #1u #Trumpcare

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

@ArtL7 @IndivisibleTeam @FamiliesUSA @OFA @SimonWDC @pccc https://t.co/dFjdSpGpmt

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Many facts + figures to click on this data set. TL;DR your health care costs go way up & rich get richer #AHCAKills https://t.co/v8cHfLIiBT

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

27 million Americans could face annual limits on HC coverage, 20 million could be hit with lifetime limits #AHCA https://t.co/r413VDNGrQ

@thenation The Nation @thenation

The left should debunk Silicon Valley's definition of a “sharing economy.” https://t.co/imorckF044

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