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@CaliforniaLabor California Labor @CaliforniaLabor

Cyndi Evans is a hero. From #PuertoRico to #SantaRosa, union members are stepping up to help those in need <3 #1u… https://t.co/z7zibMH5V1

@CaliforniaLabor California Labor @CaliforniaLabor

Know your rights: Important information for workers in areas affected by #wildfires 👉https://t.co/sOAQi8TL16… https://t.co/sESugWV63r

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

The #AFLCIO17 Convention is our time to talk about what we deserve: safe, decent jobs with good wages and benefits.… https://t.co/o980wH0CtK

@AFTunion AFT @AFTunion

The full story of #PuertoRico isn’t being told. Our nurses are there speaking out & exposing the horrific conditions https://t.co/7wupsTf2h4

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Repealing the #JonesAct would cost jobs https://t.co/xqq86iJw2n via @thehill

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Support working families by buying union-made in America this #Halloween https://t.co/ics1lGhiu0 #1u https://t.co/Ekl69fNRLp

Support working families by buying union...


How Calif. #IBEW members are confronting wild fires https://t.co/LS5yuCDZ5A

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site https://t.co/mnJ0k2EGsl via @CNN https://t.co/8QVj5xIAO3

Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking wat...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Feds cut off housing funds to Missouri after GOP-led discrimination law goes into effect https://t.co/zXEAQjP4n0 via @stltoday

@greenhousenyt Steven Greenhouse @greenhousenyt

New Poll-- Americans overwhelmingly (by 71% to 21%) want the Trump Admin to fix Obamacare instead of making it fail… https://t.co/4GnSxSa0cf

@NextGenAmerica NextGen America @NextGenAmerica

It's clear that tax cuts for the wealthy only help the wealthy. #NotOnePenny. https://t.co/v0XEda5xDb

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

A pending Supreme Court case threatens to silence workers’ voices https://t.co/LIHcqP1wAL via @sacbee_news #Janus https://t.co/oSyZPwDc7E

A pending Supreme Court case threatens t...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Would You Buy a Self-Driving Future From These Guys? https://t.co/X4kjvzkKkY via @nytimes

@RickSmithShow Rick Smith @RickSmithShow

Looking forward to broadcasting via @TwitterLive & doing our @freespeechtv show from #AFLCIO17 conv in St. Louis Wh… https://t.co/5TMrT1iKly

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Becoming a Steelworker Liberated Her. Then Her Job Moved to Mexico. https://t.co/cVBeeLztz6 via @nytimes


As Vegas shooting unfolded, LAS, L30 &ZLA ensured air safety after LAS NATCA member Christina Stewart alerted them.… https://t.co/hgfA4AedJm

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

Thank you to customer service workers for your hard work throughout the year! #customerserviceweek https://t.co/goqBjWnnnq

Thank you to customer service workers fo...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

GOP rep breaks with Trump: Cutting health-care subsidies does 'opposite' of what he promised… https://t.co/TxeAZoWjzd

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Puerto Ricans are being treated "like they are disposable," says nurse on the island https://t.co/vALycUeJp0 via @Newsweek #UnionsUnited

@MikeElk Mike Elk @MikeElk

This is why we need unions! https://t.co/EXR3cAkmlh

@noamscheiber Noam Scheiber @noamscheiber

If NFL players protest today, they may have a powerful ally on their side: federal labor law. https://t.co/jc9ZUBHhOF

@steelworkers United Steelworkers @steelworkers

To #FixNAFTA, Trump admin needs to push for provisions that prevent & punish offshoring: https://t.co/2clrcqGdrX #NAFTA #USWWorks

@BldgTrdsUnions The Building Trades @BldgTrdsUnions

Such an uplifting video from the #WomenBuildNations conference featuring @lizshuler and our affiliate family. Watch… https://t.co/TvfSDEBupU

@CDrakeFairTrade Celeste Drake @CDrakeFairTrade

Will Trump Really Give Us a Better #NAFTA?: https://t.co/n2wa36O9xS via @theprospect

@FlyingWithSara Sara Nelson @FlyingWithSara

Union @AFLCIO heroes in PR since 10-4, have seen mounting disease, death and suffering - this must change @POTUS. https://t.co/jlGGY9PWbU

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Proud of the union members who risk their lives every day, so we can be safe. @IAFFNewsDesk https://t.co/nVRhUXR9Ez


None of Puerto Rico's public schools have electricity; over half don't have water. 100+ are serving as shelters. https://t.co/yltrWrWqWw


The year is 1987, and we’re on strike. A thread. #Yearofthescab See the full video: https://t.co/6vr9pJYxRe https://t.co/aUiBmhu9mM

The year is 1987, and we’re on strike. A...

@UnionPlus Union Plus @UnionPlus

What are you up to this #weekend? If you're going out, don't forget your Union Plus #entertainment savings >> https://t.co/Hx3sTnTVm4

@janekleeb Jane Fleming Kleeb @janekleeb

This @facebook building was built by unions in Nebraska. Thank a worker. #AFL @AFLCIO https://t.co/5AKWhjVHCy

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