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@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

We must #RestoreTheVRA https://t.co/xPTPmZnH0m

@greenhousenyt Steven Greenhouse @greenhousenyt

Jumping When Billionaire Donors Say Jump--As if the GOP tax plan doesn't already include plenty of cuts for the ric… https://t.co/YybPrF7dAT

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Register now to guarantee your spot at the 2018 AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Conference. Early-bird discount ends… https://t.co/bvWKHxkyQF

@AFLCIOLatino AFL-CIO Latino @AFLCIOLatino

En México @MontseTXAFLCIO @TexasAFLCIO @BCTGM_Nabisco @BCTGM @IWJNational piden que #InvestigateOreo por abusar sis… https://t.co/rJqssux7RH

@AFTunion AFT @AFTunion

"Union protections empower women, especially, to speak out about harassment." A must read by @DeniseSpecht: https://t.co/oDARTbjHPc

@CaliforniaLabor California Labor @CaliforniaLabor

HUNDREDS of your constituents are outside your office NOW @RepMcClintock! We demand you stand with working people,… https://t.co/7THt76e7br

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

There's still time to join us at the 2017 AFL-CIO MLK Conference at the discounted rate! Register at… https://t.co/zgpqtMfslp

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Haven't found that perfect holiday gift yet? Check this list to make sure it carries the union label.… https://t.co/zlp7pKO5Rj

@taxmarch Tax March @taxmarch

Hat ✔ Gloves ✔ Signs ✔ Resistance ✔ Get READY for the People's Rally Against the GOP Tax Scam Wednesday at 1:00… https://t.co/C7ST3xg7xz

@WorkingAmerica Working America @WorkingAmerica

Make sure you’re covered for the New Year by enrolling by Dec 15. Get more info at https://t.co/OaNq6u8xax… https://t.co/A2ZV48KvFY

@ThePlumLineGS Greg Sargent @ThePlumLineGS

New USA Today/Suffolk poll: -- Only 32% support GOP tax bill -- Only 35% say it will boost economy -- 64% say we… https://t.co/pnaC6yo2rA

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

.@CWAUnion has inspired an innovative movement to demand working people get our fair share and expose the scam that… https://t.co/bT3r6hqnvG


We're @USDA now calling on them to put a stop to the proposed line speed increases by @chickencouncil. Workers will… https://t.co/3j5Wyw2FKS


Poultry workers are taking to the streets of Washington DC today to stop the @chickencouncil @USDA proposal to incr… https://t.co/U38rcOiNG3


Wishing you a joy-filled #Hanukkah season! https://t.co/aCwoCMIXxb

Wishing you a joy-filled #Hanukkah seaso...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Must read piece #InvestigateOreo https://t.co/hctTWxcDYB

@AFLCIOLatino AFL-CIO Latino @AFLCIOLatino

Martha Ojeda @IWJNational explica a Glenda Contreras @TelemundoNews sobre necesidad de proteger buenos trabajos en… https://t.co/baOlpk7qrN

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Thank you @repjohnlewis for your leadership and solidarity with @BCTGM_Nabisco workers fighting to bring good jobs… https://t.co/zNczyEz1By

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

We stand 100% in solidarity with @BCTGM_Nabisco workers fighting back against outsourcing of good jobs by Mondelez.… https://t.co/DrgX0LyHRu

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Watch live on https://t.co/DANROzOkYX as @IWJNational @BCTGM release report on outsourcing of good jobs by Mondelēz… https://t.co/xjeuVn8feK

@franciscannet FranciscanActionNet @franciscannet

We're honored to stand in solidarity with @IWJNational and @repjohnlewis as we #InvestigateOreo #CheckTheLabel https://t.co/3PzpuWSQz7

We're honored to stand in solidarity wit...

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Tune in now at https://t.co/DANROzOkYX #InvestigateOreo https://t.co/bRKrAEuANE

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

BREAKING FAITH: After cross-border investigation, @IWJNational issues international report on exploitative outsourc… https://t.co/uEnFcXBWh5

@unionveterans UnionVeteransCouncil @unionveterans

This is just one more example of how this administration is failing our veterans, We can not stand-by and watch thi… https://t.co/rBwNmS5Zn1

@unionorganizer UnionOrganizer.com @unionorganizer

How New Orleans hospitality workers are organizing their industry #UnionOrganizing #hospitalityworkers Retweet https://t.co/qNhElRdPEb

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

Last day to register for the 2018 AFL-CIO MLK Conference before the price increase ---> https://t.co/QbmRkHhnpv… https://t.co/SPdV0G07TM

@IWJNational IWJ @IWJNational

Thank you @repjohnlewis for your solidarity with @BCTGM_Nabisco bakers speaking out against @MDLZ @Oreo outsourcing… https://t.co/UWzXPnbG95

@BCTGM BCTGM International @BCTGM

Report on @MDLZ is out!Breaking Faith: Outsourcing and the Damage Done to our Communities by @IWJNational will be… https://t.co/vSUpUQUsbY

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

#restoretheVRA https://t.co/vvcjKj76RP

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

The labor movement stands with these writers. Freelancing isn’t free. #EbonyOwes https://t.co/jXCbcx5iOT

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