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@unitehere UNITE HERE @unitehere

Thank you to all our allies and community supporters for your solidarity. #Yale2017 #1u @33unitehere @AFLCIO https://t.co/QXEup3MiQz

Thank you to all our allies and communit...

@KFayRodriguez Kelly Fay Rodríguez @KFayRodriguez

Check out the personalized 1984 Ethiopian immigrant pin! @Tefere_Gebre .@AFLCIO Tx @ACLU https://t.co/GGkiDVyuFQ

Check out the personalized 1984 Ethiopia...

@RLReindel Rebecca Reindel @RLReindel

Under #trumpbudget, explosions at chemical plants in your neighborhood won't matter. There won't be an independ. agency to investigate them.

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

. @steelworkers @MachinistsUnion upset with Harley-Davidson about plans for Thailand plant https://t.co/KbpkFPfRVA via @jsonline

@RLReindel Rebecca Reindel @RLReindel

WH budget released today. Now it's your turn. Talk to your Congressional rep to save vital programs that #trumpbudget proposes done-zo.

@RLReindel Rebecca Reindel @RLReindel

The WH budget proposal disproportionately goes after low & middle income people. Guess who's not #winning after the election #trumpbudget

@afge_tim Tim Kauffman @afge_tim

Trump budget cuts civil service pay, jobs, and benefits to line CEO pockets, union says https://t.co/GL46l2OkBK

@RoseAnnDeMoro RoseAnn DeMoro @RoseAnnDeMoro

Deepest cuts hurt children, seniors, veterans - while defense budget increased: https://t.co/vtxIHhil7d… https://t.co/hnlME2bmtN

@aflcio AFL-CIO @aflcio

#TrumpBudget puts all the burden on working families while cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations. https://t.co/NWkZbe2Be9

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

#TrumpBudget is a blueprint for rigging the rules of the economy to favor corporations while taking away our freedoms & protections at work


Trump's budget hits his own voters hardest, calls for more than $1 trillion in cuts to social programs https://t.co/c2GVfUWyJa

@splcenter SPLC @splcenter

Trump’s budget is ruthless to disabled and poor people https://t.co/IAHzW35kVx

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

President Trump’s budget is the most significant betrayal yet of the working people he claims to support #TrumpBudget


Employers offer lower salaries & are less likely to hire mothers vs. child-free women: https://t.co/74LcIN2r66… https://t.co/Tq3bKoK7V7

@APALAnational APALA @APALAnational

Join the last #AAPIsResist Twitter Town Hall during #APAHM & reflect on the #PulseMassacre #OrlandoShooting, 5/25 a… https://t.co/u9BVsYCU8c

@domesticworkers Domestic Workers @domesticworkers

It's 2017, and U.S. moms who work full time are still typically paid 29% less than dads. #MomsEqualPay https://t.co/hYyuHXzh3M

It's 2017, and U.S. moms who work full t...

@nwlc NWLC @nwlc

Today is #MomsEqualPay Day, the day when moms' pay catches up to what dads earned in 2016. https://t.co/3VihC0ReTu

Today is #MomsEqualPay Day, the day when...


If budgets really are "moral documents", the #TrumpBudget says a lot.

@DamonSilvers Damon Silvers @DamonSilvers

White House budget is all by itself a war on workers- health and safety, wage and hour, health care retirement security all slashed @AFLCIO

@DamonSilvers Damon Silvers @DamonSilvers

WH Budget breaks campaign promises slashes Medicaid by $1.5 trillion Medicare by $59 billion & up to $64 billion from Soc Security @AFLCIO

@steelworkers United Steelworkers @steelworkers

Sad that @Carrier chooses to move 632 jobs to Mexico instead of investing in good American jobs here! https://t.co/RgWZZfmHMV #USWWorks

@IAMBobMartinez Robert Martinez, Jr. @IAMBobMartinez

What part of "Made in America" does @harleydavidson not understand? I was quoted in @nytimes today: https://t.co/OHHQZJE7x0

@AFGENational AFGE @AFGENational

AFGE EPA union leader says “Morale is so low, you need a ladder to get out of the gutter." #1u #TrumpBudget https://t.co/9hvKdIqmXr


AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders: President @realDonaldTrump’s budget is a moral and economic disaster.… https://t.co/7aZ859B7js

@CWAUnion CWA @CWAUnion

The #TrumpBudget cuts Medicaid, CHIP & other programs by $1.7 trillion in order to give a tax cut to the wealthiest. https://t.co/pAcr7gkigL


#TrumpBudget is called "New Foundation for American Greatness". That "foundation" is a giant crater caused by blowing up critical programs.

@evale72 Eddie Vale @evale72

.@rweingarten "trump has shown cruelty to his enemies before but this budget is cruelty to children"

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

The strength of those affected and our worldwide support will show that the best of humanity overcomes the worst of it #manchesterbombing

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

Horrified by the senseless and cowardly attack in Manchester. #manchesterbombing

@ohioaflcio Ohio AFL-CIO @ohioaflcio

Town Hall in Columbus last night on Trump's proposed massive cuts to medicaid, harm to #BlkLivesBlkHealth community… https://t.co/pGJUC2GIEc