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  • #techtuesday Here is a full video of Chief Architect Guanglei's presentation at the aelf and Celer Network meetup in Singapore last week.
  • We feel so much love from our community! Christmas is all about sharing the joy with our loved ones. From Dec.19th - 21st: please tell us your Christmas tradition! Don't forget to hashtag #aelfchristmas @ronnyhendy @DAdiwara @sonfrikson @tylar_k @XixinaXixikk
  • Zhuling, @czhuling aelf's COO and Co-Founder was exclusively interviewed by CCN! "What we fundamentally believe is that when we have thousands of applications in the future, they should not be running on one blockchain, but rather, on multiple"
  • aelf Vietnam community hosted a meetup last week! It was a full day of good conversation and good people. Many enthusiastic developers and community members participated. We are so excited to see our community grow! Also, congrats to Vietnam on winning the AFF Suzuki Cup!!
  • RT @czhuling: Dinner with blockchain guys that we walked through 2018 together, with all the ups and downs. 2019 will see more unity to mak…

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