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@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

Check out my friend Rachel’s bad ass cards!! https://t.co/RRas2JYdlw

@hulu hulu @hulu

Face your fears in last night’s episode of @TheOrville, now streaming: https://t.co/hJJM5iR4z4 https://t.co/bqu65AMgEC

Face your fears in last night’s episode...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Happy #LifeDay to all the Obi-Wans. 🖖 #TheOrville https://t.co/PaiiPdRa5z

Happy #LifeDay to all the Obi-Wans. 🖖 #T...

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

Sound off, West Coast! Who’s watching? https://t.co/UG7EDFFqzv

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

RETWEET if you're afraid of clowns. Hobo clowns especially! 🚫🤡 #TheOrville https://t.co/bt0ZdNJh8Y

RETWEET if you're afraid of clowns. Hobo...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Excellent theory, Ed. 🙈 #TheOrville https://t.co/lgMtVfqQgt

Excellent theory, Ed. 🙈 #TheOrville http...

@ChadLColeman Chad L Coleman @ChadLColeman

Think we're ruining everyone's night tonight! lol! #TheOrville https://t.co/6aZdNEyQMq

@SamSmithTweets Samantha Smith @SamSmithTweets

Last day, m’loves! 9 hours left. Thank you, all of you, for your incredible support. ❤️💋🔥 https://t.co/0oFG8vpqra https://t.co/QBZ5PT6DKK

Last day, m’loves! 9 hours left. Thank y...

@markjacksonacts Mark Jackson @markjacksonacts

@SethMacFarlane = all girlish glee @AdriannePalicki = dog with a bone @PennyJJerald = sassy! Missed ep9 #TheOrville… https://t.co/mAll6QP2rU

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

@TheWrap @RobLowe https://t.co/9ncdyivyxC

@TheWrap @RobLowe  https://t.co/9ncdyivy...

@TheWrap TheWrap @TheWrap

#TheOrville's @AdriannePalicki Tells Us About @RobLowe Spraying Her With 'Too Much' Blue Goo https://t.co/Mdqc2bzJ8e https://t.co/9IWSNZuoR5

#TheOrville's @AdriannePalicki Tells Us...

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

Thanks to everyone who stopped into the AMA yesterday, and thanks for watching last night’s episode. https://t.co/FUB6QNQb8V

Thanks to everyone who stopped into the...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

15 MINUTES! 👉 #TheOrville https://t.co/nOkYluVqve

15 MINUTES! 👉 #TheOrville https://t.co/n...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

📣 Calling all crew personnel to report to @Reddit for @AdriannePalicki's AMA. Head here stat! ➙… https://t.co/jVF8Sfrq2A

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

Getting ready for my (first!) @reddit AMA! r/TheOrville in 20 minutes-ish. https://t.co/bFOPPa3g95

Getting ready for my (first!) @reddit AM...

@epalicki Eric Palicki @epalicki

Fellow pros: @AdriannePalicki and I are putting together the collected edition of NO ANGEL. If anyone wants to visi… https://t.co/4JZIT6tcxQ

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

r/TheOrville! And it’s 4:30 PST/7:30 EST!

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Before boarding #TheOrville tonight, take a pitstop to chat with @AdriannePalicki in a @Reddit AMA at 4:30 PT! ➙… https://t.co/8H3YDeyl5T

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

@TheOrville PS, @epalicki and @pizzolo would love it if you asked lots of questions about NO ANGEL.

@TheWrap TheWrap @TheWrap

.@AdriannePalicki Was 'Devastated' Over Failed #WonderWoman Pilot: 'We Were a Year' Too Soon https://t.co/I59JhnlVQp https://t.co/6RGbSt2NLr

.@AdriannePalicki Was 'Devastated' Over...

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

Tonight! 7:30 EST, just before the East Coast airing of an all-new @TheOrville, ask me anything! https://t.co/jVPl1edbB6

Tonight! 7:30 EST, just before the East...

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

TOMORROW! 🚀 #TheOrville + /\ + /.' ‘.\ * * /=====\ + ;:. _ ;… https://t.co/khlZVNoSar

@christyblanch Dr Christy Blanch @christyblanch

Hey @AdriannePalicki ! We are watching you in my Anthropology 101 to learn about gender! https://t.co/t7BHuiXqQs

Hey @AdriannePalicki ! We are watching y...

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

THURSDAY! AMA! https://t.co/Xx8ro7nBVo


AMA! https://t.co/Xx8ro7nBVo

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Load in for a weekend trip with Isaac and the Finn family! 🚀 Stream the latest mission of #TheOrville here:… https://t.co/8B6CnDdJ7p

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

In all the excitement over Season 2, I almost forgot we’re in the middle of a perfectly great Season 1. East Coast:… https://t.co/ddI7PVvZds

@adriannepalicki Adrianne Palicki @adriannepalicki

Season 2, you guys! https://t.co/x5ILmSacxn

@KatieLeeMars Katie Lee Mars 🦃 @KatieLeeMars

This year's pumpkin is inspired by my favourite new show of 2017... @TheOrville : #theorville @SethMacFarlane… https://t.co/0lyYe7YzUR

@SethMacFarlane Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane

Attention UK! #TheOrville will be landing on December 14th on @FOXtvUK!

@MingNa Ming-Na Wen @MingNa

Sunday Brunch with my #girlcrush. ❤️😘 @AdriannePalicki is badass & beautiful inside and out.… https://t.co/95WzpDbSEB

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