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@FelicityHannah Felicity Hannah @FelicityHannah

My 4 yr old nephew's hobby horse is called 'my noble Steve' because he misheard the word 'steed' and I am dying.

@filmmakerspod TheFilmmakersPodcast @filmmakerspod

The first FIVE things you should do when arriving on a film SET https://t.co/MHXb7Zluts #filmmaking #crew #setlife… https://t.co/Qlw6Dvmf8k

@JournaIiste Adam ♦️ @JournaIiste

How small is he 😂 https://t.co/HdWEzXgOrD

How small is he 😂 https://t.co/HdWEzXgOr...

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

@Ali_SmileyRiley @O2 Aye but they do! I just got a call from them re: https://t.co/sHYQWWiVdR

@Ali_SmileyRiley @O2 Aye but they do! I...

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

"The path to a successful career in the arts can be elusive...But maybe a good place to start is by simply... https://t.co/F7ZyPzdU19

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

Here's to the #Teachers https://t.co/tXYf9SgdXN

@ollyog Olly Gibbs @ollyog

“And the murderer is!...” https://t.co/yJbxSSkSCe

“And the murderer is!...” https://t.co/y...

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

@Ali_SmileyRiley @O2 OK @O2 It's been over a week now, and you still haven't got back to me. Could you give me a… https://t.co/MCCRaZCLxX

@AngelaSvensen Angela Svensen @AngelaSvensen

#James Gandolfini #actor #acting #actorslife https://t.co/BbwR6c5LBv

#James Gandolfini #actor #acting #actors...

@noveliciouss Novelicious @noveliciouss

"So many books, so little time." — Frank Zappa #reading #writing #Art Yerka https://t.co/RQsecw66dq

'So many books, so little time.' 
— Fran...

@crossbowstudio Crossbow Studio @crossbowstudio

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. #romanpolanski #filmdirector #supportindiefilms #film https://t.co/LGppj9pXOO

Cinema should make you forget you are si...

@SBRFoundation Sir Bobby Robson Foundation @SBRFoundation

Sir Bobby was born on this day in 1933 in the County Durham village of Sacriston to proud parents, Philip and Lilli… https://t.co/TL3yOwiFNO

@silentmoviegifs Silent Movie GIFs @silentmoviegifs

Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova visited the set while Douglas Fairbanks was filming The Thief of Bagdad in 1924. Whe… https://t.co/CnClYkVnmD

@PinkNews PinkNews @PinkNews

Southbank Centre and Center Parcs axe Daily Mail ads after ‘homophobic’ Tom Daley column https://t.co/JeVQrdlE31

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

@ycancela #Hypophora

@SamanthaQuek Samantha Quek @SamanthaQuek

“Probably the most underwhelming Superhero ever...” 😂 https://t.co/UYKBdYuukG

“Probably the most underwhelming Superhe...

@landpsychology Land of cuteness @landpsychology

The cat No I haven't seen him https://t.co/u7Vf9v2EXY

The cat No I haven't seen him https://t....

@crossbowstudio Crossbow Studio @crossbowstudio

Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out. #martinscorsese #directing #filmmakers #movielover https://t.co/2pSBUX9wK5

Cinema is a matter of what's in the fram...

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

@guardian #DailyFail

@atrichmiller rich @atrichmiller

Is your teen texting about Toto’s Africa? igtatdmafu = it’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you tnt💯momced… https://t.co/vYa5khfUv8

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

Amazing opportunity- deadline 28th February! https://t.co/uoqHeYImNw

@BBCSport BBC Sport @BBCSport

Last place, but Ghana's first ever skeleton slider is still dancing. That #FridayFeeling #Pyeongchang2018 https://t.co/H5lOxrjLZA

Last place, but Ghana's first ever skele...

@tim_fargo Tim Fargo @tim_fargo

Never put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today. - Aldous Huxley #quote #FridayFeeling https://t.co/LdI1oTvFcG

Never put off till tomorrow the fun you...

@the_drama_box The Drama Box @the_drama_box

99% of pupils at @Dalmillingps said that they felt more confident after their drama input 💫💫 That's what we call… https://t.co/fTM8SiQ3zc

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

Fantastic article! "They specialise early and see art and science as binary educational and career choices." https://t.co/ynDi3HBBhk

@life_of_reillys Life of Reilly @life_of_reillys

Day 1 The Life of Reilly! Its going to be awesome! @ACT2CAM @Crissy_Rock @actorCharlieP #autism #film https://t.co/WOzSalZXIs

Day 1 The Life of Reilly!  Its going to...

@life_of_reillys Life of Reilly @life_of_reillys

https://t.co/Vgz8PwJpiE @actorCharlieP @Crissy_Rock @ACT2CAM

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

For the past four weeks, Britain Thinks have been running an online conversation to help Arts Council England... https://t.co/yv8EvgRP2T

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

"kids were given three sentences and had to “uplevel” them by: 1) Beginning the sentence with a fronted... https://t.co/otCj5OG5bk

@act2cam ACT 2 CAM @act2cam

WATCH: Schools minister refuses to take his own times tables check https://t.co/qipPt5uvgq via @tes

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