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Father, Husband, smart ass jerk. Fluent in sarcasm and obscure pop culture.

Kanagawa-ken, Japan

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@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@ThatEricAlper E.T. https://t.co/9bVM1omVam

@ThatEricAlper E.T. https://t.co/9bVM1om...

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@consmover @dandrezner I don’t see “Insult KJU, rattle sabers unnecessarily, and undercut the State Department via Twitter” on this list.

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031


@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@PrettyBadLefty @ggreenwald Under what conditions is it acceptable to suggest an LGBT person has an association wit… https://t.co/sQJJJkxi7x

@Thom_Hartmann Thom Hartmann @Thom_Hartmann

Current members who voted against MLK day: Senate: Richard Shelby (R-AL) Chuck Grassley (R-IA) John McCain (R-AZ)… https://t.co/cx6BTyXCyl

@ChrisEvans Chris Evans @ChrisEvans

Staring at a magic eye and pretending he sees the sailboat. https://t.co/cLV2e4Puo1

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@RNicholasBurns Never expected to see "shithole" on the screen during the morning news here in Japan, much less whe… https://t.co/6EhiC0Rly4

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@LibyaLiberty @caveheraa Sami Zayn is a good choice, especially with his charity that operates a mobile field hospital in Syria.

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@vijTyrghFPbpR4s @ACLU So you’re fine with abolishing the 4th amendment and letting the government inspect your pri… https://t.co/mLypYctjV6

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@AlexanderLevit @ACLU So you’re fine with abolishing the 4th amendment and letting the government inspect your priv… https://t.co/2d4CvCVmDg

@whoisgarylee Gary Lee @whoisgarylee

1. I’ve never tweeted before but today felt like a good day to start.

@ChetPowell Chet Powell @ChetPowell

AMERICA, WE ARE AT THE EDGE OF A PRECIPICE. Yesterday, as Trump was ranting about “shithole countries,” I was in… https://t.co/t85BajLoOC

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@Freakzilla316 @anthbrennan @davemeltzerWON I’ve seen plenty of Stardom matches that routinely blow away the WWE ma… https://t.co/AwPpRDryRc

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

Received my #Takayamania order today! A great cause to help a legendary wrestler. https://t.co/LBts1SYtot

Received my #Takayamania order today! A...

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

Being both a Veteran and spouse of an Active Duty Service Member, I'm pulling for @AliciaFoxy and @Goldustin the… https://t.co/gE6U8SxbQV

@JamesMartinSJ James Martin, SJ @JamesMartinSJ

Jesus was from a "shithole" place. Nazareth, in the first century, was a minuscule town of only 200 to 400 people,… https://t.co/WnyC96bOph

@Resist0917 Fc @Resist0917

Hey @realDonaldTrump @POTUS , This is my husband from the shithole country of Haiti! 3 deployments, over 40 months… https://t.co/OlHswgCv6h

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@JasonKander An administration full of Jonah’s.

@danwlin Daniel Lin @danwlin

MUFASA: Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and… https://t.co/rmY7S88drt

@BillKristol Bill Kristol @BillKristol

Two weeks ago a 26-year old soldier raced repeatedly into a burning Bronx apartment building, saving four people be… https://t.co/rQ4Mibiqkx

@iAmTheWarax The Warax @iAmTheWarax

Just here to mention that all our families came here from shithole-some-other-country, and that it's kind-of-the-wh… https://t.co/Tj2KKs7pQq

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@stinchfield1776 @nadabakos The NRA is far more concerned about profits for American Firearm Manufacturers than the… https://t.co/81J0dK2JCR

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@Chancho1953 @Danmaynard81 @JerryFalwellJr @POTUS @realDonaldTrump What religious beliefs are people being prohibit… https://t.co/4QzHJL1tnm

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@LanceStorm @howardfinkel If he can’t make it @LukeGallowsWWE can fill in for him.

@kyledcheney Kyle Cheney @kyledcheney

Right hand, left hand. https://t.co/jSeK3Jw3oS

Right hand, left hand. https://t.co/jSeK...

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@voiceswrestling Tickets went on sale for the Fan Club back in November and to the general public last month.

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@RewhanPottinger @spookperson He "studies freedom"... whatever that means.

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@SethMacFarlane I had similar concerns about Hillary in 2016, as her being elected would mean that two families con… https://t.co/yXOn4Zvy7n

@acraig2031 Aaron Craig 🔰 クレーグ アーロン @acraig2031

@DefenseBaron Obviously Twilight.

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