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Life long TREKKER since TOS premiere in September 1966....I believe in the world that Gene Roddenberry opened up to us!

Washington, USA

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@VicenteFoxQue Vicente Fox Quesada @VicenteFoxQue

.@PressSec, you’re saying that if @realDonaldTrump keeps quiet about the sexual allegations, therefore he’s innocen… https://t.co/MJUVUHF14R

@chelseahandler Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler

Chlorpyrifos is a chemical from Dow Chemical Company. It came from the nazis and is a nerve agent that does irrever… https://t.co/UUU2VgKFAu

@slpng_giants Sleeping Giants @slpng_giants

Report this to @TwitterSupport for targeted harassment of a religion, please. https://t.co/sk1QpNMoTF

@SRuhle Stephanie Ruhle @SRuhle

IT WAS NOT LITIGATED. @realDonaldTrump repeatedly said he would release hos taxes when the IRS audit was complete. https://t.co/8yGCEAW1VE

@Shareblue Shareblue Media @Shareblue

Trump campaign chair trafficked kids for sex after accusing immigrants of doing the same https://t.co/BqVeuwqT6E by @RVAwonk

@PattyMurray Senator Patty Murray @PattyMurray

Massive tax cuts for the wealthy don’t “trickle down” to help working families—how many times must we learn this? https://t.co/vJ2FMsvqRS

@CarmenYulinCruz Carmen Yulín Cruz @CarmenYulinCruz

Cancel debt, liberalize Jones Act as 1st step to elimination, equal treatment on medicare and no tax on PR imports. That is what we need.

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

REPUBLICANS: welcome to our war on education. https://t.co/gaKeY5cRhT

@IronStache Randy Bryce @IronStache

Ridiculous to add 1.7 trillion to our deficit when we can’t help restore basic needs to our citizens after a disast… https://t.co/TT25QHBQ8K

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@Alyssa_Milano @AjitPaiFCC @SenMajLdr @SpeakerRyan @GOP take some time from screwing 98.5% of Americans and protect #NetNeutrality .

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

So @ajitpaiFCC is scheduled to release new FCC “rules” next week presumably killing #NetNeutrality and the internet… https://t.co/cCsE9z0Zll

@TheOrville The Orville @TheOrville

Hope you like cliffhangers. ➙ https://t.co/sZkojbPFv1 😳🚀 #TheOrville https://t.co/OETEidDvcw

Hope you like cliffhangers. ➙ https://t....

@RBReich Robert Reich @RBReich

This Tuesday our new documentary, "Saving Capitalism," will come out on Netflix. We hope the film helps people unde… https://t.co/mErdI4d4GW

@tedlieu Ted Lieu @tedlieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: As public servants, we help people because it is the right thing to do, not because we want… https://t.co/BBUOmGrBiV

@LeahRemini Leah Remini @LeahRemini

This “pastor” and his congregation are supporting a predator & making up baseless, ludicrous claims about women. Th… https://t.co/XmicOVZh9n

@Rosie ROSIE @Rosie

oh the terror in her eyes https://t.co/T538RjfKCG

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@RobertPicardo @StarTrek @BrannonBraga @TheOrville @SethMacFarlane It was an excellent move @RobertPicardo… https://t.co/4aQMGMer7n

@RobertPicardo Robert Picardo @RobertPicardo

My former @StarTrek boss @BrannonBraga had the highly questionable judgement to put me on @TheOrville . Probably… https://t.co/HwZORRGbuE

@SenFeinstein Sen Dianne Feinstein @SenFeinstein

Republicans just eliminated a 100-year-old Senate policy to jam President Trump's right-wing judicial nominees thro… https://t.co/fhEWMINfSc

@RWPUSA Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA

Senate Ethics Committee should investigate why Roger Stone had advance info. Might interest Mueller as well. https://t.co/T8kzRnsRoD

@votevets VoteVets @votevets

None of this means the United States should go to war against North Korea, but it's part of the drumbeat to convinc… https://t.co/uSVwIifydA

@Amy_Siskind Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind

There was a significant enough drop off in Trump activity in Week 53 for us to ask why. He is also tweeting less. I… https://t.co/ti7n7ellun

@JoyAnnReid Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

They aren’t pretending anymore. They want you to know they are laughing at the middle and working classes and takin… https://t.co/HfMp7hqQCj

@TheBeatWithAri TheBeat w/Ari Melber @TheBeatWithAri

Mark Zuckerberg censors speech abroad but can’t stop fake news at home? @AriMelber reports on #TheBeat https://t.co/3afY56ZaG3

Mark Zuckerberg censors speech abroad bu...

@DavidCornDC David Corn @DavidCornDC

And where do you put the tax plan that screws the middle class, the uninsured, students, retirees, and more? Happy… https://t.co/FfXOmqBDkj

@MalcolmNance Malcolm Nance @MalcolmNance

Hillary did NOT lose fair and square. Perhaps some people will go to prison soon & make my point. https://t.co/yaWIyGwCGa

@perlmutations Ron Perlman @perlmutations

Please, I beg you, do not let this become old news til ALL the lights are on, and people aren’t dying from unsafe w… https://t.co/yKwxo9RR7u

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@StarTrek @4TerryFarrell So many great moments. Wedding of Jadzia & Worf because that romance was Tracy & Hepburn a… https://t.co/bhMdWk20Lw

@PattyMurray Senator Patty Murray @PattyMurray

If we want our country to work, we have to stand up and speak out and work together to make our country better. https://t.co/fQNOPRrkC4

If we want our country to work, we have...

@RonaldKlain Ronald Klain @RonaldKlain

Hey Congress, remember how much people hated TARP? The GOP tax bill is 13 points LESS popular than TARP. How do y… https://t.co/qCIb0eoCot

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