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Life long TREKKER since TOS premiere in September 1966....I believe in the world that Gene Roddenberry opened up to us!

Washington, USA

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Challenge of the week: Create a tag line for a new episode of The Orville. Example: “Ed and Kelly find themselves i… https://t.co/lXkTBLYRSa

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock I'm with you. For those who doubt that #StarTrekDiscoveryIsDogShit just watch that abomination known as the Season Finale.

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A new member will hop onboard for Season 2 — welcome to #TheOrville, @jessicaszohr! 🚀🙌 https://t.co/NUeRFloKlZ https://t.co/2COKiLHy2d

A new member will hop onboard for Season...

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Good People: ▪️Wife Beaters ▪️Child Molesters ▪️Sexual Predators ▪️Neo-Nazis ▪️Racists ▪️Traitors (#DevinNunes) ▪️… https://t.co/joPpIWjuvq

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Federal employees narrowly escaped losing pay due to a shutdown last Friday. Now, @realDonaldTrump’s budget freezes… https://t.co/5nLrQvepZz

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock Oh no, I missed it. Hope lots of folks tuned in.

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@Axanarfilm @StarTrekOT @Axanarfilm is far superior to @Axanarfilm . Discovery is a house of cards. Nothing origi… https://t.co/UH8Tyqv6KU

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock @startrekcbs I was watching episode 1 of Andromeda, my God Discovery also ripped off that Roddenberry show. You're right.

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@StarTrekOT That's a great idea but a huge undertaking.

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@StarTrekOT Amen!

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Seems like actual policy direction that Verma prefers is #PaperworkOverPatients -- at least when it comes to the on… https://t.co/dUERdPCQf7

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Trump is sending the message that, in contrast to other admins, his is ruthlessly serious about border/deportation… https://t.co/0wOx68U2M8

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@PhotoShanec @johndelancie @startrekeire I saw John at a ST convention in the 90s. Fantastic!

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock 14 preceding putrid episodes couldn't prepare me for their finale assault. That was just plain mean. WTF happened to Clint Howard?

@ananavarro Ana Navarro @ananavarro

6 US citizen children -including one who is fighting leukemia- are going to be without their father and provider. T… https://t.co/ZeUyproyVN

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock I can't believe the multitude of Discovery writers and producers had the balls to go there for the finale.

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When President Trump took office, we had some serious ethical concerns for his presidency. One year--and 180 CREW l… https://t.co/V5uJdi5isa

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Trump admin caught plotting to withhold food and housing from kids to punish immigrant parents https://t.co/QB3mJsc2NK

@doomcock Doomcock @doomcock

Q: What's the difference between Star Trek Discovery and a pile of dogshit? A: Dogshit doesn't inspire dipshits.… https://t.co/VtOZykIyVG

@MuslimIQ Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ

White male privilege is literally being part of a terror group and the media STILL calls you “Activist.” Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️… https://t.co/MoDLCXpNcv

@slpng_giants Sleeping Giants @slpng_giants

It is truly unbelievable what @facebook has gotten (and continues to get) away with. https://t.co/1vzp82EcV9

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock @worldstorysoft Enterprise succeed where @startrekcbs failed: a 1 season driving storyline yet each episode stands independently.

@doomcock Doomcock @doomcock

Explanation: a clueless studio hiring some of the worst hack writers in history, some of whom are cognitively impai… https://t.co/vupHv9C8Uy

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock @startrekcbs Just watched #15. Trying to confiscate what we hold dear to green light season 2. Not 1 stand alone episode. WTF?

@jaketapper Jake Tapper @jaketapper

Ex-wife alleged that "he ran a car over her foot, put out a cigarette on her hand, threw her into a wall and graspe… https://t.co/Kh6vKn81Jl

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@doomcock That's why I love your commentary. Too bad @startrekcbs isn't smart enough to realize they have a problem… https://t.co/VZjLZg18bI

@doomcock Doomcock @doomcock

@a_barbcosgrove It's sad, isn't it? To see the state of Trek fandom reduced to a bunch of people who have no idea w… https://t.co/l1qWKNq3VU

@AlexRoy144 Alex Roy @AlexRoy144

REMINDER: @NASA sent a car into space in 1969. Then it landed. On the moon. Then it drove around. On the moon.… https://t.co/bsz9EZFVt1

@brianbeutler Brian Beutler @brianbeutler

So, what he’s saying–hear me out–is that not standing up during a ceremonial event is one way to protest something… https://t.co/riej1cG8zB

@a_barbcosgrove Barbara A Cosgrove @a_barbcosgrove

@PerryJohnson77 @StarTrek I do this with every Real Trek series. I was 12 on 9/8/66 so I've been at this for a whil… https://t.co/KePiRNhTYg

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