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@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"I'm in desperate need of just some cool girl friends to talk life with, eat food, watch Netflix, party a little, and to just be girls. 🙄"

@JordanKubitz14 Jordan Kubitz @JordanKubitz14

When you combo 1$ wells with the need to completely forget about your life for the night, you’re gunna have a good time.

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Just a reminder that no matter what is going on in your life or the struggles in your head, if you are still breat… https://t.co/BTJ4JR6nzn

@lyssa_marie12 lyss🌺 @lyssa_marie12

it’s hard out here for a pimp

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"You know what I miss.... OP Wednesdays... how much longer do I have to wait!!"

@brasserole Brian Brass @brasserole

Last night, TK made me kiss her before taking a pic with me so you could say things are getting pretty serious

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"@ the guy in the black sweatshirt & tan camo Nike’s that came to the wrc w his friends around 9pm on Wednesday.. like this 😊"

@TasiaNicole12 Tasianicole @TasiaNicole12

Likes on social media does not define someone. Sad that’s how some people choose to judge others.

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"What are some fun or bad college experiences that everyone has had?"

@16_eryan Elliott Ryan @16_eryan

We hosted a social gathering in our apartment last Friday night. Someone puked in my roommates dresser and he just… https://t.co/0jVNL6pMIq

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Found this dog outside our apartment building at Gold Falls Villa. He doesn’t have a collar or tags but is very fr… https://t.co/99CPqmzyzJ


Get your Andy Grammer tickets today until 4pm at Essentials! https://t.co/ymImgesw7Y

Get your Andy Grammer tickets today unti...

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Just want to send out a reminder that no matter how impossible life seems to get at times, there’s always ways to… https://t.co/PRSBEIPuH9

@sharkysfunhouse Sharkys @sharkysfunhouse

Come out tonight and sing some karaoke! $3.50redbull vodkas, $2.50 tallboys & Wells, $10 fishbowls!

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Fav this if you would make out with Jaci Witt!! 😘"

@LittleBigsCF LittleBigs @LittleBigsCF

It’s Wednesday!!!!!! https://t.co/nFVpkoiERF

It’s Wednesday!!!!!! https://t.co/nFVpko...

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"The dancers on dance team are just off brand cheerleaders🤷🏼‍♀️"

@Cornhead55 w/olf of cf @Cornhead55

you can't spell "healthcare" without "THC"

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"My roommate needs to learn how to use headphones for their music"

@brasserole Brian Brass @brasserole

I eat ramen noodles just to humble myself

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"tryna get over having my heart ripped out by a guy. I wanna hit the gym and need someone to help me make it a hobby."

@Sarah_Raymond11 sarah🌼 @Sarah_Raymond11

so in my class we had to post a picture of ourselves on the discussion wall AND MY DUMBASS POSTED A PICTURE OF MYSE… https://t.co/hpgBqR2X8N

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Serious shoutout to the pep band…games wouldn’t be the same without them!!"

@nicoleLschmitt Nicole Schmitt @nicoleLschmitt

Are you really best friends with your roommates if you don't snap each other while in the same apartment?

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"When visiting home with your significant other, do your parents allow you to sleep in the same bed together? Yes, no, single."

@thaaoluong thao @thaaoluong

some of my professors think I’m an international student and keeps asking me about Vietnam’s economy and I’m just l… https://t.co/Ne69oGDOA0

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Commit to me or you ain’t shit to me"

@mayybe_bayybe January 🎉 @mayybe_bayybe

people in B lot really be taking two parking spots because they can’t take time to see where the lines are. The snow is not that abundant

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Boy at the WRC in the short neon green shorts, HOW did you get that ass so THIQQ?"

@KristenBennett0 Kristen 🐼🖤 @KristenBennett0

I think I’m gonna go ahead and just get a parking ticket and park outside of my lecture hall because I’m not walking in this weather

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