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@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"The guy who wore the #3 jersey and held the door open for me today at lunch in Hagemann Hall, fav this. You cute"

@_Lightninglee03 Black Messi ⚽️⚽️ @_Lightninglee03

When you go to your side chicks birthday dinner....😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/C2p1tRyFJT

When you go to your side chicks birthday...

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"looking for a new roommate. my old one eats string cheese like an animal. my only requirement is that you eat string cheese the right way."

@JaceyLynne10 Jacey Gudenkauf @JaceyLynne10

You ever wish you could watch a tv series for the first time again?

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Make a poll: Is Chris Brown an abusive, manipulative douch bag? Or is Rihanna a lying abusive asshole? Or is it both their faults?"

@meganleeboone Lil Megs 💋 @meganleeboone

Conspiracy theories and chill?

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"David Hindman is a king and we should date~"

@Annie_449 annie @Annie_449

me as a driver: why can't pedestrians wait till i pass me as a pedestrian: i'm walking across and y'all better fucking yield

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Can we all stop leading people on? It is getting really old, and you have no idea what it does to people’s minds."

@tobiashendo Tobias Keith Henderson @tobiashendo

*logs onto twitter for the first time in weeks, sees everyone is still a heathen and the Krusty Krab / Chum Bucket… https://t.co/vwrnOeBUOX

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"I hate when girls tell me they dont want a relationship but then go on Facebook posting pictures of wanting to be in a relationship"

@DeringersCF Deringer's CF @DeringersCF

Thursday night means Line Dance Party @ Deringer's! Plus mixed doubles in red solo cups all night long! https://t.co/qXiWHnFSXy

Thursday night means Line Dance Party @...

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Taryn that dances for UNI is hands down a 10."

@WillFlanegin will flanegin @WillFlanegin

Don’t snap me if that same snap is going to 5 other guys

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"How do I ask a girl out, if I’ve never spoken to her? I really need this to work. HELP?!"

@ColeFoxxy Cole Fox @ColeFoxxy

I need one bottle of wine for every inch of snow we get this weekend

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"To the guy at the WRC around 5:00 wearing blue shorts, a black long sleeve shirt, and a hat, fave this 😍🤤"

@PLK27 Pat Leo🦁 @PLK27

Went to Banis for beer and he was adamant on showing me the new flavor of white owl’s. I’m in there way too often 😅😅

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"I hope everyone realizes that Loyola winning is a good thing for UNI. We get money every time they win. Everyone in the MVC does."

@voodooloungecf Voodoo Lounge @voodooloungecf

When they ask how many $0.50 drinks you want 😏 https://t.co/EVRtd3fqPT

When they ask how many $0.50 drinks you...

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Girl in my accounting class at 3:30 who wore the bright north face sweatshirt!! Fav this!"

@madisynshaffer_ madisyn @madisynshaffer_

PSA https://t.co/C29DKCdjDG

PSA https://t.co/C29DKCdjDG

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Just got an email about graduation saying you have to buy your gown from the bookstore to walk at commencement. Is… https://t.co/lTtZ7qzRv7

@cool_guy_dylan Bismo Funyuns @cool_guy_dylan

Tip: put something from the office as your header or in your bio to attract the ladies

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"The best type of roommate is a roommate you barely know exists"

@kaderson_ Kadee Anderson @kaderson_

“I don’t like Bigs” Me: https://t.co/rwEaSTbV4e

“I don’t like Bigs”

Me: https://t.co/rw...

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Make a poll: If I’m dating someone else and still want to be friends with my ex and text every now and then is that bad? Yes or no"

@misssssmaddie Maddie Bae @misssssmaddie

Thank you UNI for not allowing me to pay to take the business classes necessary for my declared minor so now I will… https://t.co/azqTSQAnm5

@_unisecrets UNI Confessions @_unisecrets

"Libby Schwers is the most beautiful girl at UNI, end of story"

@WhatsUpBrad Brad warner @WhatsUpBrad

Cedar falls university ave has a fetish for construction projects

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