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@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

Who on fortnite? #Ps4

@FullFrontalSamB Full Frontal @FullFrontalSamB

Three months ago, you walked out of an event in disgust because of a non-violent protest by black athletes. https://t.co/TtD9C4sgIm

@AlleeMoe1 🐻NEGRITO🇻🇮🇧🇿 @AlleeMoe1

Wtf is a vegan burger ??? If u a dam vegan jus don’t eat no dam burger shit disrespect

@JCoIeNO J. Cole @JCoIeNO

too many people owe me my time back

@BleacherReport Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

Vikings fans went through all of the emotions yesterday 😂 *NSFW* (via @AlainaAppaloosa) https://t.co/sfjiSq9GDS

Vikings fans went through all of the emo...

@That_BoiNino Saucy Nino 💸 @That_BoiNino

@_MelvinEugene @asvpxshaqqyp @__BlackJesus06 @mpitt14 @sal_luciano @ThaReal_Psycho Reece dumb ass wouldn’t share https://t.co/t79tdAGlyW

@_MelvinEugene @asvpxshaqqyp @__BlackJes...

@Den_Of_Thieves Den Of Thieves @Den_Of_Thieves

Can’t arrest us, if you can’t catch us. #DenOfThieves – in theaters Friday. Get Tickets Now!

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

Who got a PS4 ? Send gamer tags lol

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

I was at the video shoot lbs https://t.co/yCY08oMxId

@SusiMJK Susana @SusiMJK

I have now seen everything I need to see in life. Bye. https://t.co/Q5f3yIpUrA

I have now seen everything I need to see...

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@aoperez3636 all u do is sleep lol

@BaabySlickk Zoe ✨ @BaabySlickk

Before the night ends. Happy birthday to my brother in law. Your a pain in the ass! But much love 💙✊🏽 count yo bles… https://t.co/sMyzOIeLkG

@gserrano1997 ⛽️ℹ️🅾️ @gserrano1997

@That_BoiNino @_NoeyG Us yesterday lmao https://t.co/7h34VzBwTe

@That_BoiNino @_NoeyG Us yesterday lmao...

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

Just want to see thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! Last night was def. one for the books! Than… https://t.co/1FyUIevB1U

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@kdottttt_ Thanks kiana😎

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@Jr_Swagg11 Good looking bro! Mad u back at school lol

@Jr_Swagg11 June🐞 @Jr_Swagg11

Happy C-Day to my boy!! @_NoeyG god bless and may you see plenty more 🙏🏾😈 live it up my guy 💯💯 https://t.co/xlQaTXJgRW

Happy C-Day to my boy!! @_NoeyG god bles...

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@lildurk @Always8587_ check it out ! Shit decent

@HeadHancho5 Hanch @HeadHancho5


@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@enjolip_ Thank you lili😎

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@TheyCallMeNellz Lol hell yeah! Long way from them benny days

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@raraaa_03 Thanks sis ! #C4L

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@JavounBaker Thanks my dude 😎

@JavounBaker q @JavounBaker

@_NoeyG happy birthday my guy 🖤

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@21magz Lol I’m already knowing it’s about to go down 😂

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@marco_2323 Thanks bro 😎

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@c_newsome11 And you do the same C -money! Appreciate the love bro

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

It be better if my boy pablo was back

@__BlackJesus06 Lil Reece From 43rd @__BlackJesus06

Ble22ed 🙏🎉🎈 https://t.co/kaz4ikVd7y

Ble22ed 🙏🎉🎈 https://t.co/kaz4ikVd7y

@_noeyg Noey G @_noeyg

@esme891128 Oh you know it lol thanks same ! Need a party bus haha

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