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UCM '19 Occupational Safety and Health Management - Peanut Butter Vibes 🍍

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@ConradMcGorkin Conrad McGorkin @ConradMcGorkin

I've seen some fears of a weakened Royals lineup minus Cain and Hosmer. As opening day approaches, lets look back a… https://t.co/GZi9uYaisw

@EpcotCentre Epcot Centre @EpcotCentre

Our security team reserves the right to inspect guests' pocketbooks, phones, and even the trunks of their cars if necessary.

@iamaddie addie sartino @iamaddie

so proud of you, brotha. https://t.co/0sduyKAiEa

@ncovfefemug 🐧 @ncovfefemug

Spotted in line to get tickets for your tour @taylorswift13 WTF!!! https://t.co/S1oAmZMfPL

Spotted in line to get tickets for your...

@yeetztweetz ryan @yeetztweetz

goodnight to all the student athletes out there i pray each night that i can one day obtain the strength and persis… https://t.co/oPifkVt5Wb

@JoshJarabek squid @JoshJarabek



@evan_gucci evan @evan_gucci

sick of Big Bread And Milk controlling meteorology. The people must rise up to take back weather dot com and its scurrilous domain

@thelindsayellis Lindsay Ellis @thelindsayellis

the hero we need. https://t.co/MEP0ak3sOD

the hero we need. https://t.co/MEP0ak3sO...

@petey_224 Lucas Peterson @petey_224

Trump: 6'3 239 lbs (likely heavier) Biden: 6'0 180 lbs Alright Trump has a height and weight advantage but the Ki… https://t.co/zBgHT9XptA

@816luke Lucas Simpson @816luke

@petey_224 He’s said it himself. The Scranton life was a scrappy one.

@pinko_snob Pinko.Snob @pinko_snob

I am screaming. 😭 https://t.co/0RZ6acwShA

I am screaming. 😭 https://t.co/0RZ6acwSh...

@KCCauldron The Cauldron @KCCauldron

450 Cauldron faithful traveling away to Colorado. #roaddron https://t.co/E7X6p6c12B

450 Cauldron faithful traveling away to...

@bonerhitler Commie By Your Name @bonerhitler

Love a good Chicago deep dish pizza... https://t.co/CS2bf7ET2L

Love a good Chicago deep dish pizza... h...

@ArmyStrang Space Force PAO @ArmyStrang

Lol, what, he didn't make the lacrosse team? https://t.co/brKEOmNx7K

@kaytheGAWDess_ Kay ✨ @kaytheGAWDess_

Trap Queen can only feed so many people. He gotta slow down. https://t.co/5LMfwJPPut

@816luke Lucas Simpson @816luke

@CorbinSinger9 Take it or leave it https://t.co/vvbJ87WD17

@CorbinSinger9 Take it or leave it https...

@PatWright15 Patrick Wright @PatWright15

@816Luke and I'm pissed off that he's skinnier than me

@816luke Lucas Simpson @816luke

@PatWright15 2. Turbo boats

@816luke Lucas Simpson @816luke

@PatWright15 https://t.co/ZqsOA8MSNS

@PatWright15  https://t.co/ZqsOA8MSNS

@816luke Lucas Simpson @816luke

When you’re mad all your roommates play fortnite and watch live streams but you suck at it. https://t.co/9Zy6jQta8o

@FansOfKU Kansas Jayhawk Fans @FansOfKU

I’ll take my squad over yours any day of the week https://t.co/dNUE1MBUFV

I’ll take my squad over yours any day of...

@ParkerMolloy Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy

#BadInfluence https://t.co/TNUorwuJaO

#BadInfluence https://t.co/TNUorwuJaO

@superdeluxe Super Deluxe @superdeluxe



@jsleezer John Sleezer @jsleezer

Syed Jamal, who was arrested by ICE in January, released from jail and reunited with his family. @KCStar story and… https://t.co/ba3oyzW2V0

@superdeluxe Super Deluxe @superdeluxe

Mr. Rogers can come be my neighbor anytime if you know what I'm saying oh god I miss my innocence


When you use the wrong cheat code in GTA https://t.co/654Vc8qRa0

When you use the wrong cheat code in GTA...

@Lin_Manuel Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel

Gmorning. 6 months ago, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷, Where were you? Where are you, today? Amplifying your… https://t.co/tS92kpHLoY

@bobby venmo $1 to bobbydollar @bobby

lmao at the insanely stoned guy at the bodega who paid and walked away without his snacks. after he left the old gu… https://t.co/qvW6izH3Ko

@SortaBad Witch Hunter @SortaBad

Boss: We've found the empty bottles, and we're investigating who snuck liquor into the office Me: https://t.co/C6bpWZ02fV

@816luke Lucas Simpson @816luke

@SetserLane Sheen (probably) https://t.co/gWxmCDLWy7

@SetserLane Sheen (probably) https://t.c...

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