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@GillsInTheBlood Reason on BBC, postponement due to frozen pitch... All was good at 11 a.m. and the only game called off in League One..

@BottomStuff Bottom Stuff @BottomStuff

Oh f*ck! Sorry! I was in the wrong place, I have to stand there, sorry. #Bottom #Fluff #RikMayall https://t.co/6G4jXx3d6s

Oh f*ck! Sorry! I was in the wrong place...

@LadyJ1966 🎶LadyJ🎶 @LadyJ1966

@80slegends @duranduran Save a Prayer, loved it the first time I heard it and still do.

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

My personal #DuranDuran fave is Late Bar, there's just something about it .. https://t.co/BHwViM4yHz

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@80slegends @duranduran Group of Death!

@heavenlyblue007 Lou @heavenlyblue007

@80slegends @duranduran Save A Prayer. When I first realised how huge they were going to be and matched it with a sumptuous video.

@LeeCoin1 Lee Coin @LeeCoin1

@FawltyTowersFan @80slegends @JohnCleese Ah the orrily men! An absolute classic

@Jamesru12 James12 @Jamesru12

@FawltyTowersFan @80slegends @JohnCleese Still one of the funniest comedies ever

@andrewjwalker11 The Wyke Tyke @andrewjwalker11

@80slegends Hard to pin to 2, View to a Kill 3rd then

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#DuranDuran @duranduran Fans, still time to vote #WCODuranDuran80s https://t.co/m45JMOYcwZ

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

#80s Fans, get your votes in #WCODuranDuran80s https://t.co/59T7NuGc0B

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

#DuranDuran Fans still time to vote in the #WCODuranDuran80s https://t.co/i1L0eeg5Wx

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

@duranduran Fans, get your votes in #WCODuranDuran80s https://t.co/6ubyX4q7Qk

@FawltyTowersFan Fawlty Towers @FawltyTowersFan

O'Reilly: "I tell you, if the Good Lord.." Basil Fawlty: "..is mentioned once more, I shall move you closer to him.… https://t.co/MotIR7JgAH

@rockgod1970 Dave ..... just Dave @rockgod1970

@80s_Kidz @IL0VEthe80s @80sNostalgia @OldSchool80s @80slegends Found my #HelpTheAged certificate from around 1980 .… https://t.co/7qPIUE8Nu1

@rachelrachel558 Rachel Newman @rachelrachel558

@80slegends Bit of 80s fun 😊 https://t.co/aUk0DNOMqw

Bit of 80s fun 😊 https://t....

@AndySpurs72 Andy Wright @AndySpurs72

@80slegends Best way to bring them up 😊

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Child cruelty.... https://t.co/24z5cSEPwW

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

On the mention of the away stand. As a @TheGillsFC fan, it's an embarrassment ... https://t.co/Wm7xZcsQe7

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Very poor @TheGillsFC at 11 a.m. all was good. https://t.co/Wm7xZcsQe7

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Ridiculous, I feel for the Rovers Fans that travelled ... This decision should have been made yesterday ... A few… https://t.co/lQxtVhX4dk

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Morning #Bottom fans https://t.co/r3E178zD0q

Morning #Bottom fans https://t.co/r3E178...

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

#80s Fans, don't forget to cast your votes in The World Cup of Duran Duran #80s #80s

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

We are so good at it ... https://t.co/7t4A0Jpkrx

@FawltyTowersFan Fawlty Towers @FawltyTowersFan

"I think the prawns are off." #FridayFeelings @JohnCleese https://t.co/e4dfiZJLbn

'I think the prawns are off.'


@AndrewB59292117 Andrew Buckley @AndrewB59292117

@80slegends Scary!

@DavidHodges71 David Hodges @DavidHodges71

@80slegends They were not good films

@GidgitVonLaRue Gidgit VonLaRue @GidgitVonLaRue

@80slegends https://t.co/dJDFUjZZMY

@80slegends  https://t.co/dJDFUjZZMY

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Right, off to the daily grind #80s Fans...

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