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@lrwebbmac Lee Webb - Macnology @lrwebbmac

@80slegends Tears For Fears

@roc51 RobC @roc51

@80slegends I always hated the Billboard charts for many reasons - main reason is they never spoke to me & my music… https://t.co/43gcLJ6rfa

@roc51 RobC @roc51

@80slegends The UK charts were far superior IMHO. Where else can The Smiths, Japan & Level 42 chart alongside Bowie… https://t.co/GPmxAlAEfD

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Very few UK acts in the #80s cracked The Billboard Chart.. https://t.co/X0Tat1J0Te

@Jdawgjohnson69 J.Dawg @Jdawgjohnson69

@80slegends Magnum P.I. https://t.co/HjKuPPzQ8s

@80slegends Magnum P.I. https://t.co/HjK...

@Jamesru12 James12 @Jamesru12

@80slegends God so many. Airwolf obviously. Street Hawk was good too. Growing up in the '80s i would also mention t… https://t.co/CPrDvn6TsL

@jerrywilson78 Mercury @jerrywilson78

@80slegends Because yanks & poms are totally different.

@SWDbigworm Mark Daniels : Bigworm #SupportWorldDarts @SWDbigworm

@rachelrachel558 @80slegends @BoyGeorge Lol cowboy George. What a legend

@30Podcast 30something Podcast @30Podcast

@80slegends Quantum Leap https://t.co/o7CvoUGhUi

@80slegends Quantum Leap https://t.co/o7...

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

I have often thought that too https://t.co/dXAijaxLXl

@halcena13144 Heather🐬 @halcena13144

@80slegends “I want my 2 dollars”!! Love that part!! Ha ha!

@BarryLuka Barry Luka @BarryLuka

@JHDargie @80slegends fair interpretation, however i am pretty sure its about mental illness.

@BarryLuka Barry Luka @BarryLuka

@80slegends @BoyGeorge Hulk Hogan as well.

@rachelrachel558 Rachel Newman @rachelrachel558

@80slegends @BoyGeorge https://t.co/2SMtRjOLDh

@80slegends @BoyGeorge  https://t.co/2SM...

@juliecal72 jules @juliecal72

@80slegends Every day I end up blocking about 6 of them.

@witchfind666 Morag @witchfind666

@80slegends If I can go late '79 into the 80's it has to be The Littlest Hobo

@RachAel_withA ✨Rachael✨ @RachAel_withA

@80slegends Fall guy, Cheers & Dallas :)

@ScottJasonBrow7 Scott Jason Brown @ScottJasonBrow7

@80slegends @kidcreoleband Impossible to resist great track 😀👍

@JHDargie James H. Dargie @JHDargie

@80slegends I have every song in chronological order. Yeah. I did that.

@lrwebbmac Lee Webb - Macnology @lrwebbmac

@80slegends wished I had that one

@Queenofthe80s Queen Of The 80's ©🎶🎧 @Queenofthe80s

@80slegends @BoyGeorge Correct & great episode it was too!

@ScottJasonBrow7 Scott Jason Brown @ScottJasonBrow7

@80slegends Airwolf,Miami vice & the equalizer all brilliant 😀👍

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Right #80s Fans ... off to earn a crust... have an #80s tastic day ...

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Now listening to, Living In A Box 12 inch version by the brilliant @livinginabox

@JHDargie James H. Dargie @JHDargie

@BarryLuka @80slegends Here’s a trippy thought; I always interpret “Take Me Home” to be about Superman. Listen to i… https://t.co/GZGeR4MpVg

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

On the subject of #80s TV, I believe @BoyGeorge appeared in #TheATeam

@GidgitVonLaRue Gidgit VonLaRue @GidgitVonLaRue

@80slegends Haha!

@Heidi_Marianne_ 🇦🇺Heidi🇷🇸🇩🇪 @Heidi_Marianne_

@AnthoBuzzTV @80slegends Mine too 🙋🏼‍♀️

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

Too true ... https://t.co/2GIrv3ZkhZ

@80slegends 80sHog @80slegends

When I said not born in the #80s I meant this side of it... 👍 https://t.co/ANBxyBQnNh

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